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Power is an ancient Clan that can trace its history back to Conmore, Count of Poher, in Brittany, around the year 490 AD. The surname comprises a large population with numbers estimated ten years ago at well over 70,000 worldwide. The major concentration of numbers is in English-speaking countries with ratios of about 29% on the island of Great Britain, 23% in the United States, 21% on the island of Ireland, 13% in Canada, 12% in Australia, and 1% in New Zealand. The remaining 1% are scattered in much smaller numbers, in European countries such as Austria, France, Germany, Netherlands, and Switzerland, together with South Africa and South America. More information about this project and the history of the Power surname and some of its variants (Powers, Poor, Poore, and Poer) can be found at URL The Power Et Al DNA and History Project.