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A review of the public results of Porteous y-dna testing will show that there are three unique group of Porteous men matching each other. Two of these groups include men who have done Next Generation Testing (NGS) in the form of the BigY500 test, which searches out unique SNPs (mutations on the y chromosome) of the test takers. This has assisted in identifying mutations that may have occurred in genealogical times and which could define the groups of men sharing a common ancestor, possibly even the same common Porteous ancestor. 

The group of three men (Porteous family #910,933, and 523) include a tester whose terminal SNP (his most recently occuring SNP that is placed on the Ytree of humanity is I-A17998 (also known as I2a1b1a1a1d1).

The largest group of men (Porteous family #425/925/1112/1404/65/1343) include multiple BigY500 testers. This has lead to the discovery of a terminal SNP that likely defines this Porteous group based on two of the men not sharing a MRCA at least back to pre-1600s.  The terminal SNP R-FGC35333 (also known as R1b1a1a2a1a2c1a1i2), is estimated to have occurred between 650-800 years ago. This group also includes several non-Porteous men with fairly recent SNPs (relatively speaking) that are likely to have occurred approximately 1200 years ago which would coincide to a time period when surname were not yet commonly used. As additional NGS testing is completed, it is likely that a more details breakdown of the branching of this group of Porteous men will occur that will assist in defining an actual family tree style of relatedness between various Porteous families.

In an attempt to find a few more clues, the project administration is now encouraging any participants who have any Porteous ancestry who have done the Family Finder testing to join the project. Although FF results won't be visible on the public results page, the administrators will be able to use a number of tools available to them to provide common match data between members of the project even if they are not listed as genetic cousins on their individual results page. Please spread the word!