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About us

After the first sets of results were returned, we knew we had to broaden our database and other variants of the surname were added. The six original participants in the study represented three separate genetic families without a common ancestor in the last 600 to 1600 years.
We have added new members since 2006 to a total of 14 men. They show a total of four genetic families (haplogroups) between them.

We have three men who have tested as Celtic but whom are not closely related. We have two Anglo-Saxon men who are very closely related, having a Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA) about five generations ago. We have three men who are very closely related in the G2 group with their MRCA about five generations ago. And, we have six men who have tested in a Judeo-Roman family group, five of whom seem to very closely related and one not as closely related.

Two of the Judeo-Roman group are documented as being descended from Johannes Pontius 1717-1792 and three of the remaining four as being descended from Nicholas Pontius 1728-1794. The remaining member of this genetic group could be descended from either of the two mentioned ancestors. One of the Johannes members is an exact match with the three Nicholas members, which suggests that Johannes and Nicholas were indeed brothers and shared a common father. However, the second Johannes member does not match the others. His calculated MRCA occurs many decades before that of the other Johannes-Nicholas men.

We do have a conundrum however, one of our R1b1b2 men is documented as being descended from Nicholas Pontius 1728-1794. The fact that he is testing as Celtic is incompatible with the Judeo-Roman lineages of the other Nicholas descendants. Something must not be right in the document trail. This is why the project was created, to investigate the breaks and errors, which occur in the formal document trails and to connect those people who want to know of any possible connections with others who share their last names.