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Finding your Slovak and Polish Goral Roots
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February 12, 2015

The Podhale Dual Geographic DNA project - a new project begins.  While the project itself may be new, the volunteer group administrator has been both a researcher in the Podhale area and adjacent areas for over 25 years. The volunteer GA has served as a GA with FamilyTreeDNA since 2007. Not only does she continue to build on knowledge of the history of the region, but also by attending additional DNA classes to help the project members better understand their DNA matches. This includes classes at Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy (SLIG) Advanced DNA classes and Genealogy Research Institute of Pittsburgh (GRIP)  - Intermediate DNA Classes. 

Relatively few people whose ancestry hails from the Podhale Region have DNA tested. If you have, please consider joining our project.  If you have tested with other genetic testing companies such as 23NMe or Ancestry.com, please consider transferring your results. 

One of the great advantages of joining a geographic DNA project is that we all share in a common desire to learn more about our ancestral roots.  Focusing on a particular region increases the probability of making connections with others who are also doing similar genealogical research.

For those who have already started your research, you are probably well aware how frustrating it can be for the Podhale Region.  Many of the involved villages records have not been microfilmed or are not available on-line. Don't let that stop your efforts.  Together, we can try to break down those barriers.

Join us soon!