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Pilgrim Henry Samson Kindred

Official project of the Pilgrim Henry Samson Kindred
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About us

This project is affiliated with the Pilgrim Henry Samson Kindred organization a Mayflower Society affiliated society. To join the project you must be a Mayflower member connected to Henry Samson or you must be a proven descendant of his cousin Abraham Sampson. In your join request please note your GSMD member number or provide a detailed sourced pedigree showing a connection to Henry and/or Abraham. The mission of the Pilgrim Henry Samson Kindred DNA project is to gather a body of DNA evidence that may be used alongside traditional genealogical evidence to further all Samson/Sampson genealogical understanding. First and foremost, we are attempting to gain as much knowledge on descendants of Henry Samson and his cousin Abraham Sampson and learn much more regarding Y-DNA markers that may be clearly pegged to their descendant branches. Secondly, to test males carrying the Samson or Sampson surname that are rooted in the families of England. This is equally critical to unfold our deep history if any Samson/Sampson males can be found there. As only males carry Y-DNA, this is most useful to define and distinguish expected various branches. Currently, the Abraham Sampson Y-DNA haplogroup is determined to be I-FTB635 and the Henry Samson Y-DNA haplogroup is determined to be I-FTB4532. Those with Samson/Sampson autosomal DNA connections are welcome to join the project as well. For these persons, autosomal DNA may only be useful to distinguish more recent Samson/Sampson family connections, (mostly rooted in the last 1-6 generations) but you’re welcome to participate, follow, and add to this research effort. As DNA is little without traditional genealogical research, efforts will be made to support Samson/Sampson genealogical research. Welcome all.