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About us

Pike, Pyke, McPike, etc, surname DNA project.

The Pike DNA Project was founded in July 2004 and now has partipants from over a dozen countries. We warmly welcome Pikes, Pykes, etc., from everywhere to join our project.

Globally, we have so far found genetic evidence of 50 unrelated Pike families. Of these, 23 have known origins within the British Isles... their distribution is mapped on the "Test Results" page on our project website (a link to our website is shown elsewhere on this page).

Of the many genetic profiles that we have now encountered, one of them accounts for just over 25% of all Pikes within our project. All of the Pike males in this one family share a nearly identical Y-chromosome, because everybody in this family decends from a single Pike male who lived sometime in the 1500s or earlier, likely somewhere in the vicinity of Hampshire and Wiltshire.

To join our project, please order a DNA collection kit or contact either of the project's two volunteer coordinators David Pike (dapike@mun.ca) or Stuart Pike (cocostu@spamex.com) and we'll be happy to offer our assistance. Note that we have a Sponsorship Fund that can sometimes assist with the cost of DNA tests for newcomers to our project.

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