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Pickering Y-DNA Project

  • 36 members

About us

2014 Our Y-DNA Pickering Project has 25 members.
This year we added five members to the project!
2012. We have three new members.
2011. We have added another member.
2010. We have one new member.
2009. New members S.J. ,Edward J. and J.W.
2008. David V., David H., Edward H., Geoff all joined in the fun when their results were posted.
2007. Another great year! New members Chris, Kenneth, Henry, and Charles had their results come in.
2006. The Pickering DNA project was started! And what a great start it was!! In just a few months, we already had FIVE DNA results posted (Richard, Craig, Gerry, Donald, Seth). One of our members learned, through Y-DNA testing, that he was, indeed, a Pickering descended from the Colonial Quaker, Samuel Pickering.