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The Philippines is a country with a diverse ethnic heritage and rich family traditions. This project will gather DNA data that can help families build family trees and reconnect with lost family members. The data can also be used to learn more about the migration patterns and genetic origins of ancient Filipinos who settled among the 7,100 islands of the Philippine archipelago. All men and women of Filipino ancestry are welcome to join. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact the group administrators. The Philippines DNA Project is featured on Facebook.

Early Human Settlement of the Philippines, Late Pleistocene. Ancient Maritime Southeast Asian shoreline vs present day sea levels. Copyright Sea Level Fluctuations occurred ~50,000 BCE to ~17,000 BCE

About the DNA Test Kit and Your Online Account Family Tree DNA will send you a cheek swab test kit, which you will mail back to their lab. Once your results are ready, you will be able to view your results online. For access to the DEMO Account page click here.

- MESSAGES - In response to questions from those who received National Geographic Genographic Y-DNA haplogroup results and joined the Philippines DNA Project: Question: I belong to Haplogroup O. How can I find out if I'm Haplogroup O1___, O2___, or O3___? Answer: You will be eligible for an upgrade (DeepClade Test) to confirm your haplo subgroups (for example, O1a2, O2b, O3a3c, etc). - LINK TO US - Please support the Philippines DNA Project by adding the official logo to your web page or blog. Click HERE for the HTML code.