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The Pettypool Y DNA Project

a part of the Pettypool Family One-Name Study
  • 106 members

About us

12/10/10:  An analysis and interpretation of results for the current participants in the Pettypool DNA Project has been posted under the "Results" button of the "About This Group" tab at this website.
Currently, seven of the twelve participants with confirmed Pettypool lineage are known male descendants of Seth Pettypool (Halifax Co. VA) of the third generation. Each of this Seth's four known sons are now represented among the participants.  
Another four participants are known male descendants of Seth's older brother, William (Dinwiddie Co. VA) of the third generation, and a fifth participant most likely is also a descendant of this branch, based on his matches thus far. As the historical record suggests that William(3) fathered as many as eight sons, it is clear that many branches have yet to be tested.
As a reminder, the known sons of William(3) Pettypool who lived to adulthood are:
William (b. ca 1720 m. Mary Caldwell d. Lunenburg Co. VA ca 1774)
Stephen (b. 1721 d. Sumter Co. SC 1804)
Phillip (b. 1730)
Ephraim (b. ca 1735 m. Ursula Avent d. Fairfield Co. SC ca 1794)
Seth (b. ca 1742 d. Dinwiddie Co. VA ca 1803)
Probable sons of William (3) are:
Abraham (b. ca 1734 d. Sumter Co. SC ca 1789)
Frederick (b. ca 1742)
John (b. ca 1744 m. Anne Browder d. Dinwiddie Co. VA 1807-1810)
The known sons of Seth(3) Pettypool are:
John (b. ca 1725 d. Granville Co. NC ca 1803)
Peter (b. 1727 d. SC after 1778)
Seth (b. ca 1732 d. Granville Co. NC 1789)
William (b. ca 1747 d. Halifax Co. VA ca 1813)
In order to sort out the various family branches and help those who don't have paper documentation for which branch they belong to, we eventually will need samples from at least two and preferably more descendants of each of the sons of William(3) and Seth(3).
If you know or strongly suspect that you descend from one of the Pettypool men described above, please consider joining the project yourself if you are a male or sponsoring a male relative if you are a female. It would mean a lot to those who are trying to make the link with our Pettypool family.
We have also established a General Fund, to accept donations in any currency via credit card. These funds will be held at the testing company, and used to help sponsor test kits for key males who are unable to participate. We encourage you to make a donation. Click on Contribute to the Project General Fund on the left to make a donation.