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This project is designed to link together the various branches of the Pedlow family throughout the world, because the records in Ireland do not go back far enough. The oldest surviving records there date from the early 18th century. The origins of the surname go back to France in the 12th century, where the surname was Pied de Loup (wolf's paw), so I have added variants of that surname, which still exist in France, to the project in order to test the Pedlow surname origins. During the 19th century the Pedlow surname spread from Ireland and England to the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The majority of Pedlows alive today belong to a branch that came from the townland of Liscorran located just outside the town of Lurgan in County Armagh; genealogical research confirmed by Y-DNA testing has shown that this branch is an offshoot of an older branch in the townland of Ballylisk, between the towns of Portadown and Tandragee in County Armagh. All of these Pedlows plus a branch in Canada whose place of origin in Ireland is not yet known are from the haplogroup E-M35. There is also a second group of Pedlows who belong to a completely different haplogroup, I-P37. These Pedlows have their origins in County Down and later in County Antrim, and many of the early records for these families show the spelling of the surname to have been Pedlar. By the beginning of the 20th century, however, all of these families were spelling their name Pedlow.