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The Pearcy/Piercy (and all other variants of the surname) DNA Project aims to provide a point of reconnection for descendants throughout the world. Although it is primarily aimed at Y-DNA testers the project also accepts membership from those who have tested their autosomal DNA. The project aims to work towards the following objectives: (a) Identify the Y-chromosome signature (the paternal tree) of different Pearcy/Piercy lineages. (b) Help test-takers to establish the likeliest location where their earliest Pearcy/Piercy ancestors would have lived. (c) Help group members establish how they are connected to other test takers using traditional genealogical research combined with DNA evidence. ​ Please note, you will also need to sign-up to Family Tree DNA to join the project if you have not already done so. You do NOT need to purchase a DNA test from FTDNA to join. Registration is completely free of charge at (Copy and paste link) & you do not need to transfer your atDNA if you do not wish to. Alternatively, follow the prompts by pressing 'join'.