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M A Cline M A Cline
January 24 @ 6:47pm
Hello. My dad is related to Nathan Parke b 1718 d 1785. Dad is related to him through his son Charles Parks b 1741 d 1820 who marred Catherine Pew. Charles and Catherine had a son by the name of Samuel Parks b 1769 d 11 Sept 1848 who married Charity Runyon. They had a daughter named Nancy Alwilda Parks. Nancy married Isaac Creason. If anyone has any information about this Parks family I would love to share information.
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Veronica Parks Berry
February 29 @ 2:30am
I believe we might come from the same line. Research is still being done but DNA leads us to believe that Nathan Parke is the son of Roger Parke jr. We are currently to prove that your Charles' brother Joseph is our ancestor.
M A Cline
February 29 @ 4:43pm
Sharon, my dad's Parke/Parks family comes from the Kokomo, IN area.
M A Cline
February 29 @ 4:45pm
Veronica, If you have further information about this family I would love to know it. I have a lot of information about the Creason family but next to nothing about the Parks/Parke family.
Chris Parks
March 26 @ 11:29am
M A Cline, you know much about your Kokomo, IN relatives? Our genetic brick wall is Courtney Parks, b. abt 1821 d. abt 1879. I have my Dad's notes that said Courtney moved to Kokomo from Ohio. I know he died in Wabash. Let me know if you have any info on the Indiana Parks' about that time, thanks! Chris.
Craig Taylor Craig Taylor
March 25, 2016 @ 5:15pm
My Park/Parke line came from New London, CT, and relocated to Oneida County, New York.
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Grant Lindsey
October 11, 2018 @ 8:46am
I descend from this line too through my paternal grandfather's maternal line (Anna O. Parks, b. 1897 - 1935, Scioto Co., OH) - Robert Parke, b. 1580 Preston, Suffolk, England1580 and d. 1664, Mystic, New London, CT. A descent of his, Robert Parks, settled in Scioto, Co. Ohio in the early 19th c. Many of his descendants are still in this area.
Rildia Earlene Hamilton
November 11, 2018 @ 9:52pm
my gggf John Parks was born 1825 in Licking Co; Ohio. Who were his parents?
Grant Lindsey
April 6, 2019 @ 11:14am
Sorry, I am very late replying to your post. I just became aware of it. I have two lines of Parks, as I had a Parks who married a Parks (the wife didn't have to change her surname after she was married her husband). James Wilson Parks. b. Adams Co., OH, father was Laban Parks, b. Adams County, OH. Laban's father was William Parks, b. Accomack, Co., VA. His father was John Parks also of Accomack County, VA.Susan Parks', who married the above James Wilson Park, 21 July 1895, father was James H. Parks, whose father was the Robert Parks mentioned previously. Robert Parks' father was Robert Parks, Sr. Robert Sr.'s father was James Parke (here the spelling changes to Parke). James' father was Joseph Parke of New London, CT. Joseph was the great grandson of the original settler, Robert Parke, mentioned in my initial post. It looks like the migration path for Susan's line went from Connecticut, to Delaware to Harrison County, West Virginia to Scioto County, Ohio. James line went, starting in reverse order: from Scioto County, Ohio, back to Accomack Co., Virginia, and then presumably to England. I can't find an obvious connection to Licking County, but that doesn't rule one out either.
Robert Ward
February 23 @ 10:39am
Grant Lindsey - Our common ancestor is the Robert Parke, born 1580. Are you a Parke Society member? Here's a link to my Parke line -
Doug Parks Doug Parks
February 15 @ 8:45am
Official records and documents establish that two brothers, James, John and (Matthew, possibly a cousin) from Northern Ireland settled at Petite Riviere, Nova Scotia, between 1760 and 1770. All were without doubt Scots-Irish emigrants from Ulster in the latter half of the eighteenth century. At this time we have not been able to trace the Parks Family in Ulster. On his gravestone it says died Jan. 25 1813 95 years old. Desperately looking for where they came from in Northern Ireland. Doug Parks
Rebecca Orahood Rebecca Orahood has a question!
December 29 @ 4:40pm
Kit # 185292 is the only match to our line. If the owner of this kit could offer clues to their line, it might help ID my mystery.
Gary Patterson Gary Patterson has a question!
December 2 @ 1:06pm
I am searching for a possible connection to the surname Patterson. My gg grandfather James Robert Patterson was born in 1813 in Virginia. My Y-DNA matches with a D. W. Wallace at 12 markers. I am wondering if that might be a coincidence or if there might be a possibility that my gg grandfather might have been adopted.
Eldon Parks Eldon Parks
October 24 @ 7:21pm
Here is a resource for those trying to find how/when their ancestor came to America. It lists indentured servants, including a few Park/e/s. Use your control F to search.
Gregory Kinney Gregory Kinney
October 15 @ 10:44am
For those of you interested in the William Isaac Kinney & Sallie Parks line, "Liberty Man" is a book written by Kinney's 5th great grandson, Brad Livengood, was published in 2018. It weaves fact and fiction in this descriptive book; many of which is due to family folklore. But, it is interesting to see a book written about William & Sarah Kinney. I hope to find some truth/answers to mysteries regarding William Kinney since he is also my 5th great grandfather.
Gregory Kinney Gregory Kinney has a question!
October 5 @ 6:33pm
This is in question to a Sallie or Sarah Parks b. 1750 d. 1820. She married William Issac Kinney b. 1733 d. 1834. Stories say they were married in the Waxhaws (the Carolinas) and lived in Rowan County, North Carolina. Does anyone know who Sallie or Sarah Parks' parents were and from where they came?
Melissa Pendzinski
October 9 @ 5:15am
Gregory, I have them as my 6th Great Grandparents. I do not know who her parents are. She would have been in the area with my George Parks & Noah Park who are my 5th Great Grandfathers. Just assuming you can look at these families and see if you can find a connection. Thanks, Melissa
Donald and Evelyn Park Donald and Evelyn Park
March 10, 2019 @ 4:10pm
One more question... in looking at the published DNA results, I notice a match for my father is listed at the bottom in the "Ungrouped" section. But, he is a match at the 67 marker level (which is all that both my dad and this man had tested) with a smaller variation than many who have been grouped together elsewhere on the page. Could you please tell me why Kit # 115598 for George Clark has not been grouped with the descendants of Richard Park (1609-1665) who arrived aboard the 'Defence' in 1635? Thanks for any information!
Donald and Evelyn Park Donald and Evelyn Park
March 3, 2019 @ 7:12pm
Hello, I am seeking contact with anyone who is related to Rowland Park (1805 NY-1887 KS) or who is affiliated with Kit #136986 or Kit #177304 or Kit #49182. My father, Donald Edward Park (1934 KS-2014 LA) was one of the early participants in the Y-DNA project of the Parke Society, submitting his sample in 2006 (Kit #64571). We were very fortunate to have a positive identification of our immigrant ancestor with this project, as a definitive sample for Richard Park (1609 England-1665 MA, arrived aboard the 'Defence' in 1635) was submitted and was a match to my dad. But, like many of us here seeking our lineage, we have an immigrant ancestor, going down to his only son Thomas, and we have many generations going up from my dad... but we have a gap in the middle that we truly want to connect. Over the last 13 years, only two other samples have matched my dad's in the Parke Society project. I am hoping to find someone related to these samples, or to these men, so that we may upload our DNA sample profiles to other (perhaps more traveled) sites and use triangulation to identify more relatives. Currently, I do not know exactly how Rowland and Elza are connected... as we both have the same missing link in the middle. But, hopefully, adding more lines into the mix will help us identify family units and provide more information as a whole. Thanks for any replies! ~Evey