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A Theory on Common Descent
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About us


Why a Study?

The surname Paradine is rare enough to potentially establish a genetic relationship between all those bearing the name today.  In fact, there is a great deal of genealogical evidence that suggests this is the case.  That being said, it is certainly possible that the name Paradine emerged separately in several different areas as discussed in some of our documentation.  Going further, variants of the surname may have emerged from a "place name" or location on Continental Europe.  The purpose of this group is to use yDNA to determine if/how each branch of the Paradine is connected, understand how and when the name came to England, and to solve the burning questions that have been puzzling researchers (some of them no longer with us).

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Possible surname variants: Paradis, Paradice, Paladine Paradise, Paladie, Pallady, Paradin, Paradyn
Possible surname origins: England, France, Belgium 
Possible Haplogroup: G-M3302

How Can You Help?

If you are a male with the Paradine surname (or one listed in the varients above) click the following link to learn how you can get a yDNA test and join this project.  Find out where you fit in the Global Paradine tree and help us to continue to validate our theory.  If you are a female member of the Paradine family whether through marriage or birth, you can help by encouraging your father, husband, brother, or son to get a yDNA test and join the project.  This will allow you both to see where you fit in the puzzle!

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1. Belgium Cloth/ English Wool: Did the Paradines descend from Brabantine cloth weavers who immigrated to England in the 1400's?
2. Out of Paradise?: Is Paradine a location-surname as some suggest? Taken from Paradis, France?
3. Pallady/Paladie: Is there some connection to the Pallady families who lived nearby? As some early Paradines used both interchangeably? 
4. The Paradine Gap: What connection, if any, do the Bedford and Buckinghamshire branches have with each other?
5. From what line did the Irish Paradines originate?
6. How are the Paradines of Steeple Claydon connected to the Great Kimble line.
7. How are the Paradines of Drayon-Beauchamp/Ivanhoe connected to the Great Kimble line.


A theory has been constructed based on a genealogical best effort to compile most Paradine families into one Global Tree.  In some situations, deduction, process of elimination, and a location analysis was used to compliment gaps in paper evidence.  This allowed for a potential answer to many of the questions outlined above.  A book was written analyzing this information and laying out the foundation of the main goal of this yDNA project, where are the Paradines from, what was their lives like, and how are those of us today still connected?  Several chapters of the book can be downloaded below as well as research charts.

Paradine Origin & Genealogy
Theoretical Migration Chart
Bedford Family Trees: 1    2    3    4
Buckinghamshire Family Trees:  1    2    3
Chapter I: William Paradyne of Brabant
Chapter II: The Paradines of Bedford
Chapter III: Brewers and Mayors
Chapter IV: Baymakers of Colchester
Chapter V: Into Ireland
Chapter VI: The Paradines of Buckinghamshire
Chapter VII: Blacksmiths and Carmen
Chapter VIII: Farming the Vale
Chapter IX: In Islington

Interactive Paradine Migration Map
If Google frame does not display below please click HERE to view.

Global Paradine Family Tree
The global tree along with supporting primary documents can be viewed on (with a subscription) by clicking here.

If you do not have an subscription, a Gedcom file can be downloaded by clicking here (updated 1/5/18)