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About us

The Palevsky genealogy project was started with the goal of determining if Palevsky/Palefsky families from Kobrin and other areas are related. It has since expanded to include ANY family with a surname similar to Palevsky, no matter where they are from, so that we can find out which families are related to each other. The Palevsky surname is affiliated with both Rabbi Moshe Poliyer of Kobrin and the Vilna Gaon. Several Palevsky families claim descendancy from one of these famous Rabbis. This DNA project should help confirm if other Palevsky families are related to the ones who claim descendancy. Some Palevsky family members have used different surnames over the years. Please see the Project Background tab for a list of known spelling variations and name changes. If you have any of the these surnames in your family, we invite and encourage you to join our project. Please feel free to contact with any questions about the Palevsky DNA project. Sincerely, Elise Friedman (granddaughter of a Palevsky)