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Owston / Ouston

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About us

The goal is to determine if the Sherburn and Thornholme Owston family groups have a common paternal origin that extends back prior to the keeping of English parish registers. The three groups are from the same geographic region; however, there are no existing records that tie the two groups together. DNA testing has confirmed that the Ganton family, once thought of as a separate family, is descended from the Sherburn family.


Some members of these families will not have Y-DNA that matches the majority of the members of their family group. These include the following:
  1. Known non paternal events where the surname followed a daughter.
  2. Several adoptions where the Owston / Ouston surnames were carried forward by an individual with a non-genetic link.
  3. The Owston name has been hyphenated with other names to create a new surname such as Owston-Doyle and Owston-Smith.