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Curious about Orkney.  Here is a link to a fabulous site with a ton of information.


Please join the Orkney DNA Project if you have proven patrilineal or matrilineal ancestry in the isles. So that's your father's father's or mother's mother's direct, unbroken line back to an Orcadian; or if you have a surname native to the isles from the list of surnames below.

Orkney surnames:

Aime ,Allan ,Anderson ,Angus ,Annal ,Arcus ,Arnet ,Arnot ,Bain ,Balfour ,Ballantyne ,Ballenden ,Banks ,Baikie ,Baillie ,Barnet ,Begg ,Berger ,Burghar ,Berstan ,Bews ,Bichan ,Black ,Brass ,Bremner ,Brock ,Brodie ,Brotchie ,Brown ,Buchan ,Buchanan ,Budge ,Burgess ,Caird ,Caithness ,Calder ,Campbell ,Chalmers ,Chambers ,Clouston ,Cock ,Comloquoy ,Cooper ,Cormack ,Corrigal ,Corsie ,Corston ,Copland ,Corner ,Cowper ,Craigie ,Crawford ,Crear ,Cromarty ,Croy ,Cruickshank ,Cumming ,Cursiter ,Cuthbert ,Cutt ,Dass ,Davidson ,Davie ,Dearness ,Delday ,Dennison ,Dick ,Donaldson ,Drever ,Drummond ,Duncan ,Dunnet ,Durran ,Esson ,Eunson ,Farquhar ,Fea ,Fergus ,Fiddler ,Findlay ,Finlay ,Firth ,Flaws ,Flett ,Fotheringhame ,Foubister ,Foulis ,Fraser ,Frisken ,Garrioch ,Garson ,Gaudie ,Gibson ,Goar ,Gorn ,Gorrie ,Graham ,Grant ,Gray ,Grieve ,Groat ,Groundwater ,Gullion ,Gunn ,Gutcher ,Guthrie ,Hackland ,Halcro ,Halliday ,Hamiger ,Harrold ,Harvie ,Hay ,Heddle ,Hepburn ,Hercus ,Hewison ,Higgins ,Hildie ,Holland ,Holm ,Horrie ,Hourie ,Hourston ,Hume ,Hunter ,Hunto ,Huntow ,Hutchison ,Inkster ,Irvine ,Irving ,Isbister ,Johnston ,Kaid ,Kelday ,Kemp ,Kent ,King ,Kirkness ,Laing ,Laird ,Lamb ,Laughton ,Learmonth ,Leask ,Leith ,Lennie ,Leslie ,Liddle ,Linay ,Linklater ,Logie ,Loutit ,Lyon ,Mainland ,Malcolm ,Malcolmson ,Manson ,Marwick ,Mason ,Matches ,Matheson ,Mathewson ,Meadows ,Meason ,McClellan ,McFie ,McKenzie ,McLellan ,McPhee ,Melville ,Meil ,Michal ,Michael ,Mill ,Milne ,Mitchell ,Moar ,Mode ,Moodie ,Morwick ,Mowat ,Muir ,Munro ,Murray ,Nesbit ,Newland ,Nicolson ,Nisbet ,Norquoy ,Ogilvie ,Omand ,Paplay ,Paterson ,Pauvy ,Peace ,Petrie ,Pottinger ,Redland ,Reid ,Rendall ,Rich ,Ritch ,Robertson ,Robson ,Rosie ,Ross ,Rousay ,Ryrie ,Rusland ,Ruslune ,Russell ,Sabiston ,Sandison ,Scarth ,Scollay ,Scott ,Seatter ,Setter ,Shearer ,Short ,Sinclair ,Skea ,Slater ,Smith ,Spence ,Stensgair ,Stevenson ,Stewart ,Stickler ,Stokan ,Stout ,Stove ,Stow ,Stuart ,Sutherland ,Swanney ,Swanson ,Tait ,Taylor ,Thomson ,Towers ,Towrie ,Traill ,Tulloch ,Turfus ,Tyler ,Vallion ,Velzian ,Wallace ,Walls ,Wards ,Watt ,Westray ,Williamson ,Wilson ,Wishart ,Work ,Wylie ,Yorston ,Young

Here is a list of the islands:
Auskerry, Brough of Birsay, Burray, Calf of Eday, Cava, Copinsay, Damsay, Eday, Egilsay, Eynhallow, Fara, Faray, Flotta, Gairsay, Glims Holm, Graemsay, Holm of Papa, Hoy, Hunda, Lamb Holm, Linga Holm, Muckle Green Holm, Muckle Skerry, North Ronaldsay, Orkney Mainland, Papa Stronsay, Papa Westray, Rousay, Rysa Little, Sanday, Shapinsay, South Ronaldsay, South Walls, Stronsay, Switha, Swona, Westray, Wyre

Paternal Haplogroups
L21+, L48+, L22+, S181+, M17+,Z1+,Z8+

Maternal Haplogroups
X, J, H