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Orava County DNA Project

Searching Slovak and Polish Genetic Ancestry from Orava / Orawa
  • 33 members

About us

We are a Geographic Project whose members have at least one of their direct ancestral lines from the Orava / Orava Region. Historically, the former Orava County (Orawa in Polish) was an ethnically mixed region of Slovaks and Poles. Before 1918, the territories fell within the bounds of the Kingdom of Hungary. Fourteen villages of Upper Orava / Orawa now fall in Poland while the remaining villages reside in today's Slovakia. MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS: 1) Members must have at least one branch of their pedigree from the Orava/Orawa Region. 2) The DNA test taken must represent the ancestral line from the Orava Region. 3) The project welcomes members who have tested Y, mt-DNA, FamilyFinder (autosomal DNA), and autosomal transfers from other genetic genealogy companies. 4) The volunteer group administrator will cross-check your eligibility to join based on submitting the names(s) and villages of the Orava ancestor. If you have any questions about the project, please contact the GA at We look forward to you joining us!