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James McShane James McShane
22 hours ago
I have traced Felix McShane’s back to Airdrie Scotland and his parents and grand parent by same name to Ireland birth dates of abt 1815 & 1835, they imigrated to Scotland around 1851 then to the US around 1870. I had ancestry done and uploaded, today ordered 67 - y test, should I have done 111? Also any guidance on tracing the untraceable 1800 Felix’s? Hope to travel over next fall with sisters see Northern Ireland and short trip to Scotland.
C Barry C Barry
November 18 @ 2:29pm
I see now that I have Néel family on another Branch from France: (7 to 10 generations back) 7. Judith Odendaal (Nel) b. before August 3, 1698, Stellenbosch, Caap de Goede Hoop, South Africa; d. 23 February 1748, Stellenbosch, Caap de Goede Hoop, Suid Afrika8 8. Guillaume Néel b. before December 25, 1663, Rouen, Upper Normandie, France; d. 17 June 1735, Franschhoek, Caap de Goede Hoop, Suid Afrika 9. Pierre Néel III b. 19 December 1638, Rouen, Seine-Maritime, Normandy, France; d. circa 1681, Greuville en Caux, Rouen, Seine-Maritime, Haute-Normandie, France 10. Pierre Néel II b. circa 1610, Greuville en Caux, Rouen, Normandy, France; d. circa 1660, Greuville, Seine-Maritime, Haute-Normandie, France 10. Marie Anne Neel (de Maugère) b. circa 1612, San Pierre Danneville, Rouen, Seine-Maritime, Haute-Normandie, France; d. circa 1648, France 9. Judith (Neel) Nel (Gouyé) b. circa 1640, Rouen, Seine-Maritime, Normandy, France; d. 1700, France 10. Esaie Gouye (Gouyé) b. circa 1615, Rouen, Seine-Maritime, Normandy, France 10. Judith Gouye (Parnuit) b. circa 1620, Rouen, Seine-Maritime, Normandy, France; d. circa 1680, Rouen, Seine-Maritime, Normandy, France
Martin O'Neill
Yesterday at 10:31am
I also have a Neel at a distance of 3 on 111, these Neels are from the USA
Joseph  Eamonn ONeill Joseph Eamonn ONeill
November 13 @ 3:49pm
Thanks to all for responding. I have my Y-DNA FT done to 67 and am none the wiser on making deeper links beyond established paper Family Tree. We all know Paper trails died pre 1850s and my many older cousins tried, every parish, graveyard etc visited physically. I thought DNA may give me a level beyond. I heard of Gedmatch as a possible aggregator of DNA sources but know nothing of it ? Can anyone guide me as to how to take my FT results forward ? PS Bill O'Neill I do not see you as a cousin on FT . Glad to have refreshed this link.
Fred Mulholland
November 14 @ 1:36am
Before going to GEDmatch, check in Family Finder to identify all members of the O'Neill Project who are identified as cousins. A couple of items below this one, Peter O'Neill tells how to do this: go to Family Finder, select Advanced Matches, under “show matches for” select O'Neill. He has 4 cousins; I have 2. Start here because less than half of the people have uploaded to GEDmatch. For GEDmatch, you upload your Family Finder data file. On your home page under Family Finder there is a line “Download Raw Data”. Select “Build 37 Raw Data Concatenated” and download it to your computer. Go to gedmatch.com and establish an account. The home page has a section for Raw DNA file Uploads. Click on “Generic Upload FAST” and fill in all the information. At the bottom you select the file on your computer then hit “Upload”. I am T539475.
Bill O'Neill
November 14 @ 2:56am
Joseph, if you have your table of matches sorted by "shared centimorgans" I should appear at the 50 centimorgan mark. I have only been on the system since end of September. BTW
Bill O'Neill
November 14 @ 2:57am
BTW, I have ordered Y67 DNA test so should have more details soon.
Joseph  Eamonn ONeill Joseph Eamonn ONeill
November 13 @ 3:50pm
Here is a ditty that my cousin sent recalling the history of the Mulholland's (Fred) and Mellons of Lissan. Unless there are two Lissan Parishes in Northern Ireland they are from our home parish. A Mulholland married my great uncle. Another family of high prestige from this (Greenlough) parish was the Mulholland family. The Mulhollands were the hereditary Keepers of St Patrick’s Bell of Clog-an Udhacta. They shared this privilege with the Mellons of Lissan. One of their duties was to attend at the inauguration of The O’Neill at Tullyhoge. St Patrick’s Bell was used for swearing evidence and for sealing contracts under the brehon laws. The last Keeper of the bell, Henry Mulholland, died at Edenduffcarrick near Randalstown some time before the year 1819. He died still in possession of St Patrick’s Bell. The Shrine of St Patrick’s Bell and the Bell itself are now in the National Museum in Dublin. The Mulhollands are still numerous around Eden and Ballymacpeake but in the last century this surname was the most numerous in the Baptismal Register of Greenlough. Ref www.greenlough site
Fred Mulholland
November 14 @ 1:07am
Joseph – I presume you see that we are both in our list of matches in Group 1B. If you test SNP Z1513 you will be positive. My ancestor, Hugh Mulholland, and his family sailed from Carrickfergus to America about 1773. My only Mulholland Y-DNA match is also a descendant of Hugh. In 1441 the Bell of St Patrick was given to Patrick Ó Maolchallan (O'Mulholland), the “head of his people” who held land near Stewartstown in Co. Tyrone; that land became known as Ballyclog (Township of the Bell) which is still the name of the Parish today. The shrine for the Bell (jeweled case) was made about 1103. The inscription on the case has 4 names: the King of Ireland, the Bishop of Armagh, the Keeper of the Bell (Cathalán Ó Maolchalann), and the artisan who designed and made the case.
Joseph  Eamonn ONeill Joseph Eamonn ONeill
November 12 @ 2:07am
Just looking through familytreedna.com, I am linked to this group, is it still active Sean ? are you connected with other sites ? seems posts here are infrequent ?
Dwayne O'Neill
November 12 @ 2:51pm
Hi Joseph. Thanks for checking in! We are an active group working "behind the scenes". We just participated in the Genetic Genealogy Ireland conference that was held in Dublin last month (October) with a summary (including our presentation) at http://ggi2013.blogspot.com/ . Here are a few other related sites: • The Association of O’Neill Clans at https://www.oneillclans.com/ • The Clans of Ireland at http://www.clansofireland.ie/baile/ • The Big Tree at http://www.ytree.net/DisplayTree.php?blockID=2357 We are now over 650 members and one of the largest FTDNA surname projects.
Anne Armstrong
November 12 @ 3:50pm
Hi Joseph, you and I are DNA cousins though whether we are O'Neill cousins or not I do not know. Have you done your Y DNA? I am going to do one of my O'Neill male cousin's so that may tell us.
Bill O'Neill
November 13 @ 6:41am
Hi Joseph, we are matched as possible 2-4th cousins. I have not had my Y-dna tested yet but my Gedmatch number is A504866 and I have a tree on FTDNA which you can view. Bill O'Neill
C Barry
November 13 @ 2:25pm
Its not just admin that needs to keep this group going, it the members to. On the mtDNA group I'm on, there is 9000+ members, and there also time goes by without any posts. Suppose its that time of year and all just want to get some rest and not over eager about postings.
Dwayne O'Neill Dwayne O'Neill
November 13 @ 12:10pm
You may have noticed that FT DNA has announced that a sale started today (Nov 13th) until Nov 22th with reduced prices across all products. For the kits that are in the 1B O'Neill Variety group and that haven't tested to 111 Y STR DNA markers this is an opportunity to upgrade to 111 STR markers. O'Neill Variety group kits with 111 STR markers can then be identified as being a member of either the Tyronne/McShane/Fews O'Neill or the Clanaboy line. In addition, the additional STR information may indicate closer matches. The sale price to upgrade to 111 STR markers for kits with 67 markers is $89 ($40 savings) and for kits with 37 markers is $148 ($80 savings).
Janos Allan Janos Allan has a question!
October 15 @ 5:37am
I see there are 648 members, ask a silly question, but is there a post where we can put our gedmatch number, and see all the other members gedmatch number?
Fred Mulholland
October 15 @ 11:09am
It is not a silly question, and it does come up periodically, so I have been thinking about what could be done. There is not a place where members can post except right here. Administrators can post in the sections of "About" (see upper left), so we could possibly gather information and post it there.
Fred Mulholland
October 15 @ 11:46am
I find it curious that nobody asks about finding O'Neill Project members in Family Finder. Much less than half of those who have done Family Finder have uploaded to GEDmatch. I have been thinking about what information would be desired in a list. Name: Preferred - can do a search by surname in Family Finder Family Finder: Yes/No GEDmatch number: If you have one O'Neill Project Group: Could help in determining where to start e-mail address: not necessary - in Family Finder and GEDmatch Kit number: Question of privacy putting name and kit number in same place - can be done if desired; could be used in looking at DNA results
Peter O'Neil
October 17 @ 5:02pm
I just learned how to see my FF matches from the O'Neill group, very interesting: Go to Family Finder, then to Advanced Matches, then check the box next to Family Finder and on the "Show Matches For" tab, select O'Neill and voila, you'll see your O'Neill matches who also appear on your Family Finder. I only had 4 on mine (Gary O'Neill, Charles P Bruen, Patrick Callaghan, & Pamela O'Neill).
Anne Armstrong
November 12 @ 4:08pm
Pamela O'Neill is my O'Neill cousin Peter, from Dungiven. She is one generation down from me though. My grandmother was Elizabeth 'Lily' O'Neill (1877) Pamela's great grand father James O'Neill's sister. We have another O'Neill cousin too descended from John O'Neill my great Uncle, Will Snyder.
Kelly Haynes Green Kelly Haynes Green
June 17 @ 8:21am
Dwayne I thought you could help me understand this chart. I went into Gedmatch and performed a multi-analysis on kits from other O'Neill FTDNA project members. This chart lists only 1/2 of the members I ran the analysis against. Anyway, the top four people include me, my sister, aunt and uncle (whose grandmother was an O'Neill from Wexford town). I have matches on Ancestry to known O'Neill descendants in Wexford who are my second to fourth cousins but so far I cannot get any male O'Neills from our line to take the YDNA test. So I am reduced to trying to locate more distant relatives using the Gedmatch tool. I reduced the search to 3cMs and 300 SNPS thinking that it would help me discover our distant O'Neill relations if in fact we had inherited any small O'Neill DNA segments. This picture is a snapshot of our matches which include you and a few other project members. [Side note: You and I also share a match with a Margaret Lyttle who so far does not show an O'Neill ancestor but her family are from around the Toome Antrim area close to where your O'Neills are from. I am unsure at this point if the three of us are related through the O'Neills or another are family (possibly Larmour)]. When I run the generation matrix on Gedmatch with the above matches it shows that I am related to you, Robert O'Neill, and many of the others in the 7-8th generation. Would this mean we are share a common ancestor such as 7th or 8th great grandparents? Should our matches with you and the other project members be discounted because the matches are smaller DNA segment of 3.0 cM and above? Or, would you assume that we would have small segments in common because of our distant 7-8th generations connection? So far I can only go back in my O'Neill ancestry to my 4th great grandfather John Neal who was born about 1750's possibly in Kilmore area of Wexford. That would mean I am missing 3-4 generations from my John to a connection with your O'Neills in Antrim. However, an interesting thing I noted while researching the Catholic parish records in Wexford (which go back to the 1600s in some parishes) is that I find O'Neills with first names Conn, Phelim, Owen, Daniel, and Murtagh which seem to be associated with the northern O'Neills. I would appreciate getting your thoughts on the above. Thanks! Kelly
Kelly Haynes Green
August 27 @ 7:23pm
Thanks Rachel. My O'Neills were from Wexford back to the 1750s at least. We would likely be related 7-8 generations back. Were your O'Neills always from Kildare?
Kevin Hynes (Rachel Hynes Admin)
September 28 @ 8:25pm
Hi Kelly I think they originally were from the north according to another dna match. I don’t have any info from Ireland for my Julia just that she was from Kildare. I just got my Dad’s dna back & his Gedmatch is T718972
Sean ONeill
November 10 @ 5:29am
Hi Martin, No, this is a different Sean. Sean.
Martin O'Neill
November 10 @ 5:40am
Fantastic work
John O'Neill John O'Neill
October 28 @ 2:57pm
Bill O'Neill Bill O'Neill has a question!
October 6 @ 9:30am
I am new to FTDNA and this project, having transferred my DNA and registered about a week ago, but I have been researching my father’s family – the O’Neills for many years. While my mother’s family (Flanagans, Flynns, Finns, Kellys, Duffys and Waldrons) all came from a small area of County Roscommon in Ireland and many disappeared to the US, I still don’t know where in Ireland my father’s family came from and when they actually arrived in the UK! Just that they appeared in London sometime in the late 18th or early 19th century. My earliest known ancestor is a Timothy John O’Neil born in London in the Parish of St. Giles in 1805 and I am very keen to find the origin of my O’Neill line. I am hoping that the O'Neill name project will help me break down this particular brick wall. My questions are – what happens next? And is there something more I need to do? Regards, Bill O’Neill Kit no B412850 Gedmatch A504866
Dwayne O'Neill
October 6 @ 11:17am
Welcome to the O'Neill surname project Bill. It looks like you have completed autosomal DNA testing and transferred your data to GEDmatch which is a good start. Autosomal testing will help you discover all of your more recent family connections up to 3rd or 4th cousins. I checked against my GEDmatch kits and there were no matches. Bill you may want to consider Y DNA STR testing to focus on your earlier male O'Neill family line. A good start is to do 67 marker STR testing which will identify which O'Neill line that you are part of. You will notice that in the O'Neill Project DNA Results pages that there are several subgroups based upon one's STR results. Good luck in exploring your O'Neill family connections.