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Rita Hill Rita Hill has a question!
April 20 @ 1:06pm
I have question. If you have already purchased the Y111 test, is there a way to pay less for the B Y test? Right now it is on sale and includes the Y111 test. Seem foolish to pay for the Y111 again.
Gary Bradley
April 20 @ 2:27pm
Call and ask: 713-868-1438
Dwayne O'Neill
April 20 @ 4:40pm
I contacted FT DNA and for kits that have tested to 111 markers, the Big Y500 upgrade sale price is $349! That includes the new extended 500+ Y STR markers. For kits that have tested to 67 markers, the Big Y500 upgrade price plus STR markers to 111 is $459 (Big Y500 also includes the markers beyond 111). For kits that have tested to 37 markers, the Big Y500 upgrade price plus STR markers to 111 is $549 (again includes the markers beyond 111). These prices are lower than the Christmas Sale were the lowest Big Y price was $425 and without Y 500 markers (but all kits are now receiving these extra STR results). The "regular" Big Y test price was around $625 so this is a significant discount. The sale is only on until April 28th so now is the time for those kits thinking of Big Y to upgrade. Big Y provides all of your SNPs including those that one shares with other kits and also provides "private" variants that one may share with very close matches. It is an opportunity to discover new DNA branches of the O'Neill Family Tree.
Dwayne O'Neill
14 hours ago
A question has come up about how to upgrade to Big Y. After signing on, select “Upgrade” in the upper right. Then scroll down to “Father’s Line Big Y-500 Y-111+Big Y” and the right hand side should have “Upgrade Price $349” for kits that have completed Y STR to 111 markers. If the price is $459 or $549 and you have tested to 111 markers then use the following special procedure: Notice from FT DNA: Due to a small glitch in the shopping cart for a few specific kits, pricing will not reflect the upgrade sale price of $349 for some Y-111 kits. If your kit is one of the kits impacted by the glitch and you are not receiving the upgrade price of $349, please follow the below steps. Steps To Upgrade to Big Y-500 Step 1: Email customer service at bigy500@familytreedna.com Step 2: Include Big Y-500 Order in the subject line Step 3: In the body of the email, please include the following: First and last name of the tester Kit # Define whether you are the tester or the kit manager After receiving your email, a Customer Service Representative will place your order and then send you a link to make your payment. The representative will contact you if any additional information is needed. Please advise we are experiencing a high contact volume during the sale. If you experience a delay in our response, we will continue to honor the sale price after the sale end date for the upgrade from Y-111 to Big Y-500 as long as we have a record of you emailing us. If the kit currently is to only 67 Y STR markers then the sale price is $459 for Big Y and upgrading to 111 markers. If the kit currently is to only 37 Y STR markers then the sale price is $559 for Big Y and upgrading to 111 markers.
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Yesterday at 5:52pm
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John Devenney
Dwayne O'Neill Dwayne O'Neill
Yesterday at 8:22am
The following is a copy of an email that was sent out to all project members. I would be pleased to respond to any questions or comments. Greetings fellow FT DNA O’Neill Project members that includes the 1A and 1A1 UiNeill groups, the 1B and 1B1 O’Neill Variety groups and all the other groups. I’m Dwayne O’Neill and I would like to thank all of the kits that have helped discover the O’Neill DNA landscape. A special thanks to the kits that have completed Big Y tests, specific SNP tests and completed Y DNA STR testing to 111 markers. As an example, this testing has been key in identifying the unique DNA signatures associated with three subgroups within the 1B O’Neill Variety Group. These groups include an “early” O’Neill branch, the Tyrone/McShane/Fews branches and the Clanaboy O’Neill branches. The reason that I am contacting you is to ask whether the kits that have completed their Y DNA STR testing to either 37 or 67 markers have considered upgrading their tests to 111 markers? Why upgrade to Y DNA STR 111 markers? The immediate benefit is that testing to 111 markers will provide you a much better matching to other kits and a higher likelihood of identifying close matches. There are also additional benefits for the kits that are in the 1B O’Neill Variety Group. The information from the additional STR markers can be used to confirm whether the kit is either in the Tyrone/McShane/Fews branch or the Clanaboy O’Neill branch. In addition, the Clanaboy branch has three subbranches identified and additional SNP tests can then be used to confirm if the kit is within one of these subbranches. Why Upgrade Now? The cost of upgrading from 37 to 111 markers is $220 and for kits with 67 markers the upgrade is only $129. Now is the time to upgrade and expand our knowledge of the O’Neill DNA landscape. Dwayne O’Neill Kit #596116
Gary Bradley Gary Bradley has a question!
April 20 @ 2:31pm
Does anyone know an Eric O'Neil (New Hampshire) son of Peter O'Neil? If so try to get them and the other son to join the group by having their Y-DNA tested.
Edward Stewart Edward Stewart has a question!
April 8 @ 6:23pm
Hello guys, Received Big Y results last evening. Anything I need to do to give the project access? Have to say that overall the results are Greek to me even after reading the FTDNA tutorial.
C Barry
April 10 @ 2:27pm
Hi, that great. Please send your results to scotsgenealogy@gmail.com / http://www.ytree.net/Instructions.html
Edward Stewart
April 10 @ 8:35pm
Sent them to the DNA warehouse - will that cover the above too, or do I need to send separately?
Michael O'Neil
April 12 @ 2:40am
Aye it's like a double barrelled Greek surname to me also.
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April 13 @ 9:22am
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Kari ONeill Dennis O'Neill
1 Recent New Member
March 31 @ 3:38pm
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mary o'neill
mott johnson
April 1 @ 5:58am
Hello my name is Mott Johnson and UAM related to king UiNiall , MacShanes, Johnson Sir William Baronet Vikings , , Ui" Ball And the Nine Hostages etc.
mott johnson
April 10 @ 8:33pm
IUi ' Nialls I am Al's kin ri Some Ferguson in Virginia , .MacShanes . in New York.
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April 6 @ 7:18am
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John OBrien
Dwayne O'Neill Dwayne O'Neill
April 4 @ 6:34am
To Molly who posted "Well, my John Thomas O'Neill, became Lees, once in Scotland... I really need help figuring out my DNA with brother and two male cousins in this line. Molly, California". Have you done FT DNA Family Finder or STR testing? If STR testing what is your kit # and how many markers have you tested? For Thomas O'Neill when was he born and where? Who did he marry and when/where?
C Barry C Barry has a question!
April 3 @ 10:27am
Does anyone have some info for Richard Charles O'Neill born about 1770-1790? https://www.geni.com/people/Richard-O-Neill/6000000042780468231