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Marguerite Micucci Marguerite Micucci
February 15 @ 6:59pm
Hi my name is Marguerite, I just joined. One of my surnames is O'Neil. However I have plenty more available! Im not familiar with all this so any advice will be helpful.
Dwayne O'Neill
13 hours ago
Marguerite Welcome to the group. I'm assuming that you have Family Finder test results. First suggestion is to enter or load a simplified version of your family tree through the Family Tree myFamilyTree facility. Then other matches that are trying to see the connection can look at your family tree for any leads. In using Family Finder- Matches page, one can enter any of your family names in the Advanced Search box. Then after the matches for that name shows up, click on the tree symbol under the match's name to view their tree and see if the connection is apparent. Contact the match by email (envelop symbol) to follow up.
Marguerite Micucci Marguerite Micucci has a question!
February 15 @ 7:22pm
Is there a way to see if anyone in this group has matching dna ?
Frederick Mulholland
Yesterday at 11:20am
On your FTDNA home page look under the Family Finder 6 "buttons" and you will see "Advanced Matching" in red. Click on that and you will get a page where you can select a subset of the entire data base - select O'Neill. You also select which of your DNA tests to use for the matching.
Marguerite Micucci
Yesterday at 7:16pm
I have one match (Ellen J. Long)
Marguerite Micucci
Yesterday at 7:17pm
Thank You Frederick Mulholland
C Barry
13 hours ago
Hi, are you Italian?
C Barry C Barry
February 3 @ 3:41pm
Looks like a slow start for the O'Neill group in 2019. Lets make a wave :-) or not. Or is the slow start Just because of the cold weather and going to get momentum soon?
Janos Allan
February 13 @ 5:37am
Depends where you are on our big blue planet...here in Perth Oz we have been hitting 40c + :)
C Barry
February 13 @ 1:31pm
Here in South Africa we wish for some cool weather too.
Steven Johnstone
February 15 @ 7:58pm
On the eastern seaboard Janos its the same..
Dwayne O'Neill Dwayne O'Neill
February 4 @ 5:23pm
To all Big Y Testers- You may have noticed a new feature in the Big Y section of your dashboard – Block Tree. It is a tool that shows the relationship of your Big Y results to other Big Y kit matches. It is similar to the Big Tree. For example, the Big Tree for Big Y kits in the O’Neill Project 1B O’Neill Variety group is here: https://www.ytree.net/DisplayTree.php?blockID=2357 and for Big Y kits in the 1A1A R-M222 >>>DF105/109>S588 group: https://www.ytree.net/DisplayTree.php?blockID=576&star=false The FT DNA Block Tree provides the relationships of the Big Y kits in a similar format. FT DNA provides a very good tutorial on using the Block Tree. Roberta Estes in her blog at https://dna-explained.com/2019/01/24/family-tree-dnas-new-big-y-block-tree/fbclid=IwAR3b4a_mmQm3wyvIWZKW4LcmcTsIhXs78xyYzIaAjR0wOSGJudOB75viN9A also has a great description. One of the advantages of the FT DNA Block Tree is that it doesn’t require each Big Y kit to update their data to another site and that kits that have done specific SNP testing are also included. All of the kits in one’s Haplogroup branch are listed along with the kits from related branches. In addition, it also includes information from a Big Y kit that has completed the Family Finder test. This includes a summary of the Origins (regions) and Countries for each branch. Each kit must enable “Origins Sharing” as well as “Project Sharing” for this information to appear on the branch (settings under Account Settings then Privacy & Sharing). An advantage of the Big Tree over FT DNA Block Tree is that Big Tree lists all of the unnamed SNP variants for each kit in a Haplogroup branch which isn’t currently available in the Block Tree. Big Y also has the feature of providing an age analysis distribution for the Haplogroups. This latest FT DNA Big Y tool is a great improvement in providing an easier presentation of the matches for Big Y testers.
C Barry
February 8 @ 12:56am
Is there any new BigY's in the pipeline?
Bill O'Neill Bill O'Neill has a question!
October 6 @ 9:30am
I am new to FTDNA and this project, having transferred my DNA and registered about a week ago, but I have been researching my father’s family – the O’Neills for many years. While my mother’s family (Flanagans, Flynns, Finns, Kellys, Duffys and Waldrons) all came from a small area of County Roscommon in Ireland and many disappeared to the US, I still don’t know where in Ireland my father’s family came from and when they actually arrived in the UK! Just that they appeared in London sometime in the late 18th or early 19th century. My earliest known ancestor is a Timothy John O’Neil born in London in the Parish of St. Giles in 1805 and I am very keen to find the origin of my O’Neill line. I am hoping that the O'Neill name project will help me break down this particular brick wall. My questions are – what happens next? And is there something more I need to do? Regards, Bill O’Neill Kit no B412850 Gedmatch A504866
Bill O'Neill
January 21 @ 3:40am
Hi Anne, you should have access to my tree on FTDNA, I also have it on Ancestry. I have a few Timothys. The earliest one is Timothy John O'Neill, (my 4 x Great Grandfather) born in London in 1805. Tim's father was Thomas O'Neil according to his marriage certificate. He was married twice, firstly to Johanna Connell, with whom he had a son Thomas Owen Neil. His second wife was Deborah 'Peach' I'anson or Janson. They had 4 children - Timothy John (my 3 x great grandfather), Edward Michael, Mary and William Thomas. Timothy is shown on his marriage certificate as a goldsmith and in the London censuses as a Jeweller and later as an 'Embosser and Chaser'.
Bill O'Neill
January 22 @ 5:31am
Anne, I meant to ask.....who are our cousins in common?
Bill O'Neill
February 1 @ 5:38am
Hi, I have recently received the results of my Y-DNA test, together with feedback from Sean and Dwayne. It seems most likely that my O'Neill family line originated in Munster. The classification from Dwayne was as follows -
Bill O'Neill
February 1 @ 5:58am
Hi, I have recently received the results of my Y-DNA test, together with feedback from Sean and Dwayne. It seems most likely that my O'Neill family line originated in Munster. The classification from Dwayne was as follows - R1B > M269 > P312/S116 > Z290 > L21/S145 > DF13 > FGC11134 > A353 > Z16250 > A114 > CTS4466 and may continue downstream S1115 > A541 > S1121 so I have been assigned to the Eoganachta subgroup. My 'Y Matches' show a wide variety of Surnames, foremost among these are - Name Name Caldwell Coffey O'Donnohue DONOVAN McCarthy White Conner Crowley Sullivan Hayes Sheehan Kirk O'Neill Lee So, if any of these strikes a chord, my tree is on FTDNA , my kit number is B412850 and my gedmatch number is A504866.
Patricia Boardman Patricia Boardman
December 6 @ 7:01pm
Thank you for accepting me into this group. I have 1 line through immigrant grandparents Michael Lauder Finley (1683-1747) and Ann O'Neill (1691-1758) from Mullagnbrack, Armagh, Ireland to Chester Pennsylvania. Another line that is also a research priority is through my McCullough family and my 6th great grandparents, James McCullough and Elizabeth Neal (abt 1710-1781). Her parents were Henry Neal and Sarah Mooney from Ballynacree, Antrim, Ireland to Chester County, Pennsylvania. If anyone has information on this lines I would love to hear from you.
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John O'Neill
December 14 @ 2:38pm
thank you wecome to o neill
Frederick Mulholland
January 4 @ 2:10am
There are some McCullough in O'Neill Project Group 1B. I believe there are around 4 in the project, but there are about 8 in the matches. Most likely for these it was something like James McCullough O'Neill and the O'Neill was dropped. Group 1B is a cluster from Ulster.
Malachy O.'Neill
January 17 @ 11:14am
there was a felix O'Neill in Mullaghbrack / markethill I think they were the only oneills at that time there. May be related
Patricia Boardman
January 20 @ 8:49am
Frederick, I have McCullough too but not on the same line. That is interesting because I have MacDonald Smith where Smith was added to identify occupation.
Francis O Neill Francis O Neill has a question!
January 2 @ 6:10pm
Been away for several years and have returned to an improved website. Congratulations. For some reason I can't find the page that allows us to contact other kit numbers thru their emails. I want to pursue a possible earliest ancestor in Charles ONeill b. 1815. Thanks
Frederick Mulholland
January 3 @ 11:37am
As far as I recall, there has never been a general list of member e-mails. You get the e-mail for your matches by clicking on their name while looking at the matches.
Anne Armstrong
January 8 @ 7:35pm
DNA matches
Anne Armstrong
January 8 @ 7:39pm
You go to home and then DNA matches Robert. Navigation around these sites isso easily forgotten
Anne Armstrong
January 9 @ 12:16pm
Thanks Anne Armstrong for adding me to the O’Neill clan, Cheers!
Sarah-Jane De Crespigny Sarah-Jane De Crespigny
January 3 @ 10:03am
My nana Sarah O'Neill born Cork City........
Sarah-Jane De Crespigny Sarah-Jane De Crespigny
January 3 @ 9:47am
Thank you for adding me to the group... My great grand father was Thomas O'Neill from County Limerick whom moved to County Cork and married a Sarah Barry. I am hoping to find friends and family :) our Mitochondrial Haplogroup is U4b1b2
C Barry C Barry
September 28 @ 8:46am
Hi, I have noticed that I have some BigY Matches loaded on Big Tree, but not all. Why did you spend the money and not get the most out of it. It like upgrading from a Mini to a Mercedes and keep the Merc in the Garage locked away for ever. Please If you dont know how to, just ask. I have waited 4 years to save up for my Big Y and the Big Y info on its own to me is useless. It needs to be further analyzed to find more SNP's so we can narrow down the age difference between our common ancestors. If you don't think it usefull for you, I'm sorry you feel that way, but for others that needs all the info to put their puzzle together Its a bit selfish to keep the data to yourself. Please donate your data to the Big Tree. Its free and will help hundreds. Thanks http://www.ytree.net/DisplayTree.php?blockID=2357&star=false
Charles Neal
December 3 @ 7:46am
Aside from all the FTDNA stAt
Charles Neal
December 3 @ 7:50am
Aside from all the FTDNA stations of the cross, Big Tree, GEDMATCH et al, I also am in YFull (which isn't free ... at this writing, it costs $49 US.) A bit late to ask, but what's the opinion on that service?
C Barry
December 3 @ 2:52pm
Sorry, I'm not there so I cannot comment.
Fred Mulholland
December 6 @ 4:28pm
I sent my data there to get a date for an MRCA. It does take 2 people, so Ed sent his data. We got an MRCA of 1250 AD (650 AD - 1600 AD). The Big Tree has 24 men instead of 2. Their date was 1418 AD (1027 AD - 1665 AD). This was updated in e-mail to 889 AD (194 AD - 1335 AD). I have not looked at other features at YFull.