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Kelly Haynes Green Kelly Haynes Green
June 17 @ 8:21am
Dwayne I thought you could help me understand this chart. I went into Gedmatch and performed a multi-analysis on kits from other O'Neill FTDNA project members. This chart lists only 1/2 of the members I ran the analysis against. Anyway, the top four people include me, my sister, aunt and uncle (whose grandmother was an O'Neill from Wexford town). I have matches on Ancestry to known O'Neill descendants in Wexford who are my second to fourth cousins but so far I cannot get any male O'Neills from our line to take the YDNA test. So I am reduced to trying to locate more distant relatives using the Gedmatch tool. I reduced the search to 3cMs and 300 SNPS thinking that it would help me discover our distant O'Neill relations if in fact we had inherited any small O'Neill DNA segments. This picture is a snapshot of our matches which include you and a few other project members. [Side note: You and I also share a match with a Margaret Lyttle who so far does not show an O'Neill ancestor but her family are from around the Toome Antrim area close to where your O'Neills are from. I am unsure at this point if the three of us are related through the O'Neills or another are family (possibly Larmour)]. When I run the generation matrix on Gedmatch with the above matches it shows that I am related to you, Robert O'Neill, and many of the others in the 7-8th generation. Would this mean we are share a common ancestor such as 7th or 8th great grandparents? Should our matches with you and the other project members be discounted because the matches are smaller DNA segment of 3.0 cM and above? Or, would you assume that we would have small segments in common because of our distant 7-8th generations connection? So far I can only go back in my O'Neill ancestry to my 4th great grandfather John Neal who was born about 1750's possibly in Kilmore area of Wexford. That would mean I am missing 3-4 generations from my John to a connection with your O'Neills in Antrim. However, an interesting thing I noted while researching the Catholic parish records in Wexford (which go back to the 1600s in some parishes) is that I find O'Neills with first names Conn, Phelim, Owen, Daniel, and Murtagh which seem to be associated with the northern O'Neills. I would appreciate getting your thoughts on the above. Thanks! Kelly
Miriam White
June 22 @ 12:01am
I'm very new to all this, but I had a small match with a Lyttle too, and think my cousin and I have figured out my O'Neill line to Conn, Phelim et al.
Dwayne O'Neill
June 30 @ 3:06pm
Kelly- Not sure if you have seen this document with details on the O'Neills of Magh dá chonn from Co. Wexford, Wicklow and Carlow https://www.oneillclans.com/images/stories/pdfs/Leinster.pdf
Greg ONeil Greg ONeil
June 29 @ 11:13am
I was wondering if anyone has information on Alexander O'Neil from Castlemaine Parish? I believe he has a father Alexander and brother John. John and Alexander both immigrated to Essex County Ontario Canada around 1820 to 1840.
Greg ONeil Greg ONeil has a question!
June 29 @ 11:08am
Sorry, new at this.
Greg ONeil Greg ONeil has a question!
June 29 @ 11:08am
Keel / Castlemaine Parish records in Kerry (that's where I found Alexander & Margaret Houlihan's marriage in 1820)
Fred Mulholland Fred Mulholland
June 24 @ 7:58pm
As more people are taking the Big-Y test, we are developing groups of men that are moving down the haplotree together. These groups get a more recent TMRCA (Time to Most Recent Common Ancestor) for every step they take down the haplotree. The TMRCA can also be looked at as the age of the particular SNP. The first group we broke out started in Group 1A, which is basically R-M222, whose age is 139 BC (554 BC – 188 AD). We formed Group 1A1 based on R-DF105/109 whose age is 390 AD (149 AD – 592 AD). Within 1A1, 12 of the 25 who have taken the Big-Y test fall under R-S588, so we are creating Group 1A1A for R-S588 whose age is 483 AD (239 AD – 706 AD). Note that all of these ages are estimates derived from an algorithm developed by Iain McDonald and given in the Big Tree. These estimated ages could change as more research is done. Also note that these dates are all still well before the development of surnames, so people within the group are expected to have different surnames. We also developed a new group within Group 1B. Group 1B was an unidentified group under R-P312 which became identified as R-DF27. As research progressed with more SNPs being identified down the haplotree, it became apparent that Group 1B is R-Z1513 whose age is 1418 AD (1027 AD – 1665 AD). With additional Big-Y testing a branch was identified as R-BY3292 and this became 1B1 with an age of 1626 AD (1379 AD – 1805 AD). Within 1B1 we have identified 3 subbranches of 2 or more men. We expect to form a Group 1B1A soon. Within Group 1B we have identified 1 more subbranch, R-BY31270, consisting of Richard (Mulholland) Sexton and me. We have 6 unique common SNPs that occurred after R-Z1513 and belong to our common ancestor, George Mulholland, born in 1784. This provides another way to look at the age of R-Z1513. For an age of 1418 AD to have 6 SNPs (mutations) by 1784 AD, this means there was a mutation every 61 years. Current thinking is a mutation occurs every 100 to 120 years. This would place the age of R-Z1513 as 1064 AD to 1184 AD which is still within the range provided on the Big Tree site. The earlier assumption was a mutation every 144 years; this would result in an age of 920 AD. Note that Y-Full gives a TMRCA (based on 2 men) for R-Z1513 of 1250 AD (650 AD – 1600 AD). There is a significant difference in participation within the O'Neill Project by close Y-DNA matches of men in Groups 1A (1A1, 1A1A) and 1B (1B1). A man in Group 1B can expect 75% to 95% of his matches to also be in the O'Neill Project. For Group 1A the rate is 2% to 15%. If you have close matches who have done further testing beyond R-M269, you might suggest they join the O'Neill Project so you can do a more detailed comparison.
Dwayne O'Neill
June 25 @ 8:31am
Great updates Fred. I can elaborate on the 1B1 BY3292 Subgroup. There are indications that it is associated with the Clanaboy O’Neill Clan whose territory in the late 15th century covered Co. Antrim and portions of Co. Derry and Co. Down. BY3292 is a branch downstream of SNP Z1513 (full Haplogroup is R-P312/S116 > Z40481 > ZZ11 > DF27/S250 > ZZ12 > ZZ19 > Z31644 > Z42772 > Z37492 > PH2047 > Z1513/ FGC49734> 15460394-TAAGAG-T > BY3292). All of the BY3292 kits have a STR #111 DYS435 value of 11. The kits that have tested BY3292 negative have a DYS435 value of 12. One can confirm being a member of the 1B1 BY3292 Subgroup by testing for 111 STR markers (which includes DYS435 as STR #111), testing specifically for SNP BY3292 or by upgrading to Big Y500. The common ancestor of the Tyrone/O’Neill of the Fews/McShane branch of the O’Neills and the Clanaboy branch was Aedh Macaemh Toinleasg O’Neill (“Lazy Youth”), King of Cenel Eoghain, who died around 1175. His sons where the patriarchs of these two main O’Neill branches. SNP age analysis estimates that Z1513 formed before Aedh Macaemh Toinleasg O’Neill. Age analysis estimates that BY3292 occurred around 1575 AD (95% confidence 1400 AD to 1755 AD) so formed after the Clanaboy branch formed. The BY3292 Clade has SNP BY31266 as its largest subbranch (currently 7 kits). Another subbranch formed when the STR DYS710 value changed from 35 to 34 (currently 9 kits). This DYS710=34 subbranch in turn has two main subbranches; FGC37026 and FGC49744. FGC37026 in turn has a BY31268 branch and FGC49744 also has a FGC49754 branch. It is likely that these last two branches appeared around the 1700’s, thus close to typical genealogical time. These BY3292 subbranches are likely associated with specific Clanaboy O’Neill septs. The BY31268 branch is associated with descendants of Phelim Baccagh who died 1533. Further research will likely confirm that other SNP branches are related to other Clanaboy septs. Kits in the 1B Group that haven't tested to 111 markers (or SNP or Big Y tested) may want to consider upgrading to 111 markers to determine if they are in the BY3292 Clade.
A Niell A Niell
February 19 @ 9:07pm
My husband Arthur Niell (yes, N-I-E-L-L) just joined this group. He is designated as a descendant of Niall of the Nine Hostages. He and a 5th cousin have a Y-DNA-verified MRCA, Adam Neal. We don't know of any autosomal DNA matches, on the Niell/Neal/Neill line, although he has many matches elsewhere in his tree. I notice some of you comparing Gedmatch kits. Is there a list of members' Gedmatch kit numbers? Arthur's is T828124. I'm the genealogy manager in the family. LeRae Niell
Miriam White
June 22 @ 12:18am
1 18,394,276 19,513,263 3.2 302 3 188,636,876 189,777,747 3.1 271 4 59,770,767 65,809,113 4.1 558 5 24,016,651 27,619,491 3.3 419 5 38,154,851 39,889,373 3.3 310 7 70,870,928 75,313,233 3.7 294 8 6,778,120 9,172,975 3.8 324 9 7,639,442 9,143,346 4.6 520 9 21,844,199 24,537,244 3.3 460 12 129,473,975 130,438,803 3.2 282 16 16,860,699 19,203,759 4.6 319 17 73,294,505 74,109,371 3.0 202 20 5,435,848 6,285,184 3.4 220 22 22,285,765 23,930,699 3.3 230
Miriam White
June 22 @ 12:21am
Your husband and I share more total cM than Rian and I do, and Rian and I are definite cousins :-)
Paul David
June 22 @ 2:19pm
Comparing Kit T273724 (Paul G. David) and T828124 (*AEN) Minimum threshold size to be included in total = 400 SNPs Mismatch-bunching Limit = 200 SNPs Minimum segment cM to be included in total = 1.0 cM Chr Start Location End Location Centimorgans (cM) SNPs 1 99,573,401 101,504,049 1.8 474 2 201,335,795 204,175,057 1.7 493 3 120,515,847 123,198,009 1.0 582 4 67,045,467 70,309,146 2.3 459 4 117,788,970 120,011,745 1.4 405 5 96,140,949 101,974,697 3.6 961 6 25,059,178 28,562,200 2.0 1,530 6 31,663,797 32,790,790 1.0 1,268 6 76,519,431 79,230,117 1.5 493 6 150,680,772 151,682,694 2.3 430 8 20,186,399 21,959,262 3.3 570 8 30,850,713 33,379,589 1.6 541 8 42,218,549 53,290,675 3.6 954 10 71,717,019 73,176,520 3.9 638 10 73,528,460 76,883,308 1.5 462 13 100,473,644 101,633,794 1.9 455 14 95,017,677 96,607,368 3.7 578 16 14,377,286 16,817,634 3.0 439 Largest segment = 3.9 cM Total of segments > 1 cM = 41.0 cM 18 matching segments 670550 SNPs used for this comparison.
Dwayne O'Neill
June 23 @ 7:42pm
Miriam- Do you care to share your GEDmatch kit #? Mine is T064581 and my uncle's is T425314. I am a descendant of Phelim Baccagh who d1533.
Daniel O'Neill Daniel O'Neill has a question!
June 17 @ 10:50pm
Dwayne, you clearly know your stuff! Could you possibly take a look at the 1O R-L193 Group and tell me how the group are related to each other. Are we all likely to be L193 when tested only one in the group so far (of those that have tested) is R-L193. Is R-L 193 an 'O'Neill' haplogroup? Thanks in advance and keep up the good work.! Dan. (kit number. 296017)
Dwayne O'Neill
June 18 @ 8:39am
Hi Daniel, I believe that you are on the right path in working at determining your Haplogroup to confirm matches and your paternal family line connections. The 10 R-L193 Group has two kits #N47616 and #354479 that are confirmed Haplogroup L193 and a downstream branch (through Big Y testing). These two kits have the same STR pattern and are close matches. Your kit #296017 and kit #253171 have a similar STR pattern and genetic distance of only 5 at 67 markers. However, your STR pattern is different than the first two kits and are not a close match. Your kits may or may not be in the same L193 Haplogroup as the first two kits. Here are a couple of options to determine your Haplogroup: 1) Upgrade your kit to Big Y which will determine your Haplogroup and your private SNPs. The cost to upgrade during the sale that ends today (June 18th) is $419. 2) Join the Haplogroup Projects R _R1b ALL Subclades and R P312 and Subclades and ask for assistance in determing your Haplogroup. This will likely require SNP and/or Backbone testing. You may want to consider upgrading your kit from 67 to 111 markers for better match information (upgrade cost is $99 during the sale that again ends today). To my knowledge R-L193 isn't particularly associated with the O'Neill Clan. The O'Neill Project groups 1A UiNeill R-M222 and 1B ONeill Variety R-DF27 and some other groups are closely associated with the O'Neill Clan.
Daniel O'Neill
June 22 @ 10:39pm
Thanks so much for that Dwayne, I think I'll look into a Big Y upgrade
C Barry C Barry
June 22 @ 4:21am
Hi All, I would like to ask all that did a Big Y test, to Submit it to the Big Tree. http://www.ytree.net/Instructions.html . The two Biggest Groups in this O'Neill Project is the M222 and DF27. In the DF27 cluster in the Big tree there is about 16 (not all with O'Neill Surname) who did the Big Y and submitted results, but in the M222 there is only 1. There 15 in total with O'Neill surname in the Big Y site. So please get in the Big Y and let us know your terminal SNP is its different from what it is here. I am in the DF27 group and know we were fairly busy the past few years, but the other groups should not fall behind. I hope some of you did use the past specials to upgrade your tests. And a Big thanks to those who did. Keep it going.
C Barry
June 22 @ 4:36am
For those who want to change there terminal SNP from M269 that is as old as the mountains, look at your Y matches and look at there SNP names. Then you can order that specific SNP. That will also help with others research and stats.
Frederick Mulholland
June 22 @ 6:56pm
Carol - Remember that M222 includes 1A1 as well as 1A. In a quick check of 9 of these men I find that 7 of them have sent their data to the Big Tree.
Dwayne O'Neill Dwayne O'Neill
June 17 @ 8:21pm
Hi Kelly Thanks for your detailed autosomal comparison analysis. Regarding your question "Should our matches with you and the other project members be discounted because the matches are smaller DNA segment of 3.0 cM and above?" I believe that the answer is technically yes for "confirmed" cousin relationships (because there is a minimum longest cM length required for a relationship), however for your analysis I believe that total shared cM count has a purpose. Here is a reference for shared CM and relationships: https://isogg.org/wiki/Autosomal_DNA_statistics https://isogg.org/w/images/b/bf/Shared_cM_version_3.jpg with Shared cM Chart shown above. So, siblings on average share 2629 cM (2209 – 3384 cM range) which is confirmed with the 2651 cM that you share with your sister (from your posting). I share 35.8 cM with yourself and 62.1 cM with your sister which from the Shared cM Chart would indicate that we are either 4th cousins (35 cM) or 3rd cousins (74 cM) with common 3rd or 4th great common grandparents. Regarding your potential O’Neill family connection to Co. Antrim, having one of your male O’Neills take the Y DNA test would provide information on a likely connection to the Co. Antrim O’Neills (Clanaboy O’Neills). The only connection to Wexford Co. that I have come across is for kit #522487 (that I likely share a common 5th – 7th great O’Neill grandfather with). Kit #522487’s 4th great grandfather’s wife Ellen O’Neill in her will granted in April 1862 refers to lands that she possesses (and presumably previously owned by her dead husband Daniel O'Neill) in the County of Wexford.
Daniel Johnson Daniel Johnson
June 14 @ 2:06pm
in sweet memory of my Aunt Helen i thought you like to see that red hair of many shades
Daniel Johnson
June 14 @ 2:06pm
this are the Perkins boys