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Oliver Y Surname

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About us

Over 130 men from many different countries have been tested for 12 or more Y DNA markers as of November, 2013. The last names of these men include Oliver, Oliveira, and Olivier. A few of our groups and one individual Oliver have one or more men named Oliphant that are close matches. There is also a separate surname project for Oliphant. (see

Oliver is a very common last name and so not surprisingly, there are at least 20 different groups of men that have matching haplotypes. Some men do not match any other Oliver tested thus far. shows the genealogies of most Oliver men who match others in a "group". Participants who wish to share such information should email me please (

The men tested in this project come from many countries in the world. This is excellent since they have different access to genealogical records in various countries and may be able to help each other understand migration patterns of their families.

August 9, 2018