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The Oliphants in Scotland are, in the main, localised. By which we mean that there are "pockets" of Oliphants in Caithness, Aberdeenshire, around Montrose and Kincardineshire, Ayrshire and specific dynasties in Perthshire and Fife.

There is also a group just over the border in England around Carlisle, who use various forms of the surname (Ollivant, Olivant, Olleveant as well as Oliphant).

It is also probable that some Olivers in the Scottish Borders stem from the same origins as the Oliphants.

The aim was to try and identify the DNA of these families, as most of them have been "in situ" for hundreds of years (since before Oliphants went to other parts of the globe). With the exception of Perthshire and Fife, there has been little or no inter-marriage with or incomming of, Oliphants from elsewhere.