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The first series of test reveal:
1. The descendents of John Old of Amelia County (kits #19054, 19055, 19056, 19057, 19058) do not have a common ancestor with the Norfolk Co., VA branch (kit #23427).
2. There is a distant connection between the Amelia County branch (kits #19054-19058) and the Olds of New England, as listed in Edson B. Olds book (kits #6925 and 51070).
3. The following branches have a common ancestor, (most probably John Old of Amelia Co., VA, died 1768): Amelia Co., VA. (kit #19056), Halifax Co., VA. (#19058), Botetourt Co., VA. (#19054), Davidson Co., TN (#19054) Weakley Co., TN (#19055), Oregon Co., MO. (#32784), Titus Co., TX. (#19057), Arkansas, and Arizona (by family history).
4. There is no connection between the Albemarle Co., VA branch (#30990), the Amelia Co., VA branch and the Norfolk Co., VA branch (#23427). This confirms the long held belief that each is a seperate/distinct group.
5. Tests of the descendent of Joshua J. Old (kit #32784) whose descendents settled in SE MO, and SW MO are related to the Amelia Co., VA branch.
6. Tests of Olds in Lauderdale Co., TN show a connection with Olds in New England. (33736) There is no connection with Old of Norfolk, which had been suspected.
7. Tests of the descendents of George W. Olds (b. 1813 in VA) (34680 and 34681) show an 11 out of 12 match with the Old Family of Albemarle County, VA (kit 30990). More testing is needed of Albemarle Co. descendents.
8. Tests of a descendent of Old of Boone Co., MO show a 12 for 12 match with the descendents of George W. Olds but only an 11 out of 12 and a 23 out of 25 match with kit 30990. It was expected that Boone and Albemarle (through descendant of the McLennen Co., TX branch) would have been perfect matches. There is now a clear indication of a link between the descendents of George W. Olds and Albemarle Co., VA, however, more research is needed to determine where the connection lies. An additional test of a Boone County Family member (kit #86461)confirms the connection with Albemarle County, VA.
9. Recent testing of an Ould from England (kit #86934)shows no match with Olds of New England or the Old branches in the U.S.