The Mosaic of Conaill
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This project seeks to build the larger network of the O'Connell (and variant) families from Ireland and Scotland. According to Rev. Patrick Woulfe, the three main septs of O’Connell families are described below. While most connect to the Co. Kerry family, we desire to fill out all the O’Connell families throughout Ireland whether they fit this historical model or not. Help us build this large Mosaic of Conaill utilizing analysis of yDNA and Family Finder results. Ó CONAILL, O Conaill, O'Connell, Connell; 'descendant of Conall, ' (high-powerful, an ancient personal name Welsh Cynvall, British Cunovalos, Celtic Kunovalos); the name of at least three distinct families in Ireland, viz.: 1. Ó Conaill of Derry, a branch of the Oirghialla, who were anciently lords of Ui Mac Carthainn, now the barony of Tirkeeran; 2. Ó Conaill of Galway, a branch of the Ui Maine, who anciently possessed a territory in the south of Co. Galway, between the river Grian and the borders of Thomond; and 3. Ó Conaill of Kerry, who were anciently chiefs of Magh O gCoinchin, in the east of that county, until dispossessed by the O'Donoghues about the middle of the 11th century. From the time of the Anglo-Norman invasion down to the 17th century, the O'Connells were followers of MacCarthy More and hereditary castellans of Ballycarbery, near Caherciveen. O'Heerin writes the name of the Kerry family Ó Conghaile, but Ó Conaill is the form now universally in use in Munster. Source: Rev Patrick Woulfe, “Irish Names and Surnames” (1923)