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About us


The Null 425 yDNA Project was formed to gather data and learn more about haplogoups which have a null result for Y-STR marker DYS425. The largest null 425 by far is E-M35. The next largest are I-M223, M284 IslesR-U106, L48, Z326, and R-L21, DF21, Clan Colla. The information about haplotypes which have a null result for marker  425 consists of test results for the DYF371X advanced marker. As of May 20, 2014, there were DYF371X test results for 32 haplogroups:

A-M32, M13; 10c-10c-13c-13c    
E-M35; 10c-10c-13c-13c. Variants: 10c-10c-11c-13c,  10c-10c-13c,  10c-10c-13c-13c-13c,  10c-10c-13c-14c,  10c-11c-13c-14c
G-L140; 10c-10c-13c-13c    
G-L91; 10c-12c-13c-14c    
G-M377; 10c-10c-13c-13c    
G-P303; 10c-10c-13c-13c
I-L672; 10c-10c-14c-14c   
I-M223, M284 Isles; 10c-10c-13c-13c. Variants: 10c-12c-12c-12c
I-M253; 10c-10c-13c-14c. Variants: 10t-11c-12t-14c
J-M92; 9c-10c-12c-13c-14c. Variants: 10c-12c-14c-14c
L-M317; 10c-10c-13c-15c    
Q-L245; 10c-10c-13c-15c    
R-L20; 10c-12c-13c-14c    
R-L21, DF21, Clan Colla; 10c-12c-13c-14c. Variants: 10c-12c-14c-14c
R-L21, DF21; 10c-12c-13c-14c
R-L21, DF21; 8t-10c-13c-14c   
R-L21, L1065, L1335;10c-10c-13c-14c    
R-L21, L193; 10c-10c-13c-14c    
R-L21, M222; 10c-10c-13c-14c    
R-L21, Z253; 10c-10c-13c-14c    
R-L217; 10c-10c-13c-14c    
R-L23, Z2105; 10c-10c-13c-14c    
R-M167; 10c-12c-13c-14c    
R-M269; 8t-10c-13c-14c    
R-P312; 10c-12t-13c-14c    
R-U106, 391=10 459a=7; 10c-10c-14c-14c
R-U106, L48, Z326; 10c-10c-13c-14c. Variants: 10c-10c-13c-13c,  10c-10c-13c-15c,  10c-10c-14c,  8c-10c-13c-14c
R-U106, L48; 10c-12c-13c-14c    
R-U106, Z156; 10c-10c-13c-14c    
R-U106, Z18; 10c-10c-13c-14c    
R-U106; 10c-10c-13c-14c    
R-U152; 10c-10c-13c-14c

For more details about "Nulls" at marker DYS425 see the "Goals" section of this website. Individuals joining this project should order the DYF371X marker test found in the advanced testing section of the Order Tests link in their personal account page at FTDNA. The advanced marker DYF371X will determine what the alleles are for you which are causing the null and contribute to the knowledge base and purpose of the project. Similar to a SNP test confirming your haplogroup prediction, the DYF371X test confirms the exact reason you are getting a Null result for the DYS425 test. Once you have ordered the test for DYF371X, see below for how to join this project.

Charles F. Kerchner, Jr., P.E., (Retired), a genetic genealogy pioneer, since he had a "null" at YSTR marker DYS425, launched this project with FamilyTreeDNA in March 2007 in order to learn more about Nulls at DYS425 by collecting YDNA information about those who have the null at YSTR marker DYS425. The null or 'no allele value found' event for the standard test for DYS425 seems to occur in all haplogroups but it seems to occur in some haplogroups at a higher frequency than it occurs in others. There is no universal explanation for this observation as to why it is found frequently in some groups and not in others at this point in time. Mr. Kerchner as a pioneer in this field has started various projects in the Genetic Genealogy field to collect data regarding his observations. One major project of his is the study of Observed YSTR Mutation Rates in Surname Projects.

Tibor Fehér joined this project in January 2010 as Co-Admin and eventually took over as Group Administrator from Charles Kerchner.

Peter Biggins took over as Group Administrator from Tibor Fehér in October 2013.

For helpful information and resources regarding how YDNA Genetic Genealogy works see Kerchner's DNA Info help page:

At this time you must have been tested either directly via FTDNA or indirectly via FTDNA via the NGS Genographic Project to join this project. Genographic Project customers must first do the free transfer of their results from the NGS database to FTDNA's database and then must be tested for marker DYS425 (part of the 67 marker upgrade panel test at FTDNA). See the "Learn More" link at the bottom of your Genographic Project personal page for how to do the free transfer of your test data to FTDNA or call FTDNA for assistance in doing the transfer. Once you have a personal account page at FTDNA, ordered the 67 marker upgrade panel and received your results and were found to have a 'Null' at marker DYS425, to join this Null425 project follow the instructions in the next paragraph. Sign/log in to your FTDNA personal account page using your kit number and password. Then click on the JOIN PROJECTS section in the upper left part of your personal page screen. On the projects page, scroll down and find the 'Search by Surname' box. Type the term 'Null425' or 'Null 425' into the search window and click on the Search button. You will then see a description of this project. Scroll down to the bottom and fill in and verify your email address and a very brief reason for requesting to join in the comments block, etc., then click on the small join button at the bottom left of the Null 425 project description and join page. I will then get your request to join and if you are a Null at DYS425, I will approve it. That is all there is to it. Also, be sure to fill in your direct paternal line "Earliest Known Ancestor" field in the "User Preferences" section of your personal account page at FamilyTreeDNA otherwise a blank will display for that field in your entry. If you don't know the full name and details about your direct paternal line earliest known ancestor you could simply enter the surname of your direct paternal line earliest known ancestor in that field. If multiple members of your male line have been tested, only submit one person from your line to the project. If you have never been tested before either by FTDNA or the Genographic Project and want to be tested you need to order a YDNA test kit. Click on this link to learn more about how to order your YDNA test kit from FamilyTreeDNA: How to Order a YDNA Test Kit from FamilyTreeDNA