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The Norton Name
The Norton DNA project has shown us that there are probably hundreds of Norton family lines.

English noble Nortons
-By "noble" we refer to a family who has land, money and power. These families generally married other powerful families to consolidate power. This is great for family history because these families had much better records.
oLe Signeur de Norton w/William the Conqueror to Sharpenhoe Nortons
o Conyers-Norton of Yorkshire
o Norton Coat-of-Arms - A study of Norton arms of England.

Nortons by location
- People who were living close to a village named Norton at the time of the Doomsday Census 1086.
Norton is literally "North town". There are about 36 Norton villages in the in the Doomsday Book. I've made a list of them here. In addition there were areas that were so devastated from war that they were not counted. Notable is the Shire of Durham that is simply recorded as "wasted" in the Doomsday book.

For this reason we find that we have many DNA Norton family lines rather than just a few. in addition, we expect to find that we are related to many families with a last name other than Norton. However "Norton" is also a locator. Sometimes if we have a general idea of where a Norton family is from in England we can isolate if further by looking at where the Norton villages are in that area.

Irish Nortons - Naughton anglecized to Norton

German Nortons - Settled in PA

Norden, Nordin and Nordan - These are decendants of Robert Norden a Baptist minister sent to Virginia in 1714. His decendants moved to NC.