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The Northridge surname arose in England where many families remain.  Early English records show the largest concentration of Northridges in Derbyshire closely followed by Nottinghamshire. The Northridge entry in Reany & Wilson: A Dictionary of English Surnames, 3rd ed., Oxford University Press, 1995, p. 325: In 1332 in the Lay Subsidy Rolls for Sussex appears William de Northerugg.  We would like to know more about English family members.  One branch migrated to Co. Cork, Ireland before 1700 and yDNA has shown these Northridges share a common ancestor.  Did this family originate in England?  No documentary evidence has been found.  Y-chromosome DNA test results could help answer this question.

We encourage broad participation of male, direct line Northridges, Northedges, Nortridges and a Norris branch which were formerly Northridge in our yDNA surname project to learn more about the different family branches in all locations and their inter-relationships.

Genealogical research has succeeded in clarifying who some of these families are and in unearthing family stories.  Where records have been lost, we hope that yDNA can help us to identify linkages within this family and enable sharing of family information.