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About us

Participants in the Normanite Project will include Normanite descendants who fall into one of the following four Groups, those who: (1) have a direct Normanite paternal line and a direct Normanite maternal line; (2) have a direct Normanite paternal line but no direct Normanite maternal line;  (3) have a direct Normanite maternal line but no direct Normanite paternal line; and (4) related to the Normanites, but not through either a direct maternal or direct paternal line. 

In the Normanite project, the aim is to combine genetic and genealogical information from participants in all four groups to assist all participants in finding their ancestral roots. To this end, participants are asked to provide genealogical information relating to their Normanite ancestry.  The genealogical information for each participant will be posted by kit number.  Additionally, participants in the Normanite Project are encouraged to upgrade their DNA testing to include FamilyFinder as the results of this test will best assist participants from all four of the above Groups to find their ancestral roots. 

For those of you whose ancestral roots are in New Zealand, you may also want to consider joining the New Zealand DNA project administered by Gail Riddell: