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Group A
Six members have a 12 marker match.  Three of these have either 34 or 35 (of 37) markers match.  There are 2 other 12 marker matches in the ftdna database with this group.  One each 'Noonan' and 'Nunan', however neither has joined this project. 

This would seem to indicate a set of results for one branch of the name.

The Most Distant Known Ancestor for kit N79324 was George Noonan of Scotland (previously Ireland ?).

Paper genealogy showed that Kit 133314 should have matched Kit 159916, however this is not the case. Obviously there is a non-parental event in the branch of Kit 133314.

The family of Michael McCarthy have an opinion from a case study by Mr Tyrone Bowes of 'Origenes' that their family is descended from the Noonans, so I have included their Y-DNA results in this group.  Michael has a 61 (of 67) markers match with the two mentioned above.

Group B1

There is a 34 (of 37) marker match between these 2 members.

Group B2

One member has 11 (of 12) markers of one member from group B1.

There are 2 other 11 marker matches in the ftdna database with group B1, however neither has joined this project.

Group T

Kit 267204 presents with the unusual Y-DNA haplogroup T.  A second cousin of this member (not in this group) was tested and is also haplogroup T.

The member believes this match confirms their common male ancestor John Noonan born 1847 was also haplogroup T.


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