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SURNAMES : We are seeking genetic cousins with the following surnames and variants of the name Noble.


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Ceud mìle fàilte~Welcome to the Noble Surname International DNA Research Project , please see the History of our various Noble, Nobel and variant surname families below. If you are interested in DNA for genealogical purposes then please read on: Recommended Kit to order for males is the y67 kit. If this kit is not affordable for you then the y37 is also available. If affordability is an issue, please ask other family members to contribute to the cost and then provide them access to the results and a copy of the yDNA Certificate bearing in mind that all males in your line will share an almost IDENTICAL yDNA profile.

Any male with the surname Noble, Nobel, Knobel, or Knöbel or any derivative of this surname name whatsoever, OR any male of a different surname who matches any other male within this project is invited to join us in our research into the derivation of the various Noble families throughout the world today. All females related to Noble or derivative surname are also invited to join our project. Females should order an mtDNA kit (traces maternal lineage into antiquity to founding mother) or a Family Finder Kit (traces all relatives back 5 generations approx) if you are tracing you Noble mother or other relative named Noble on the female line. 

As the surname of women is not usually carried forward to her offspring, the line you will trace with the mtDNA kit is along your mother's maternal line only. Male Nobles also inherit the mtDNA from their own mother however you will not pass this mtDNA along to your offspring. Male Nobles are also able to submit an mtDNA sample as well as a yDNA sample and trace both their maternal and paternal lineages. Female Nobles tracing their male lineage -paternal (father's line) are also invited to sponsor or administrate the Kit of any willing male Noble or derivative surname holder in your family. This male can be a male cousin, grandfather, father great grandfather, uncle, great uncle, brother 2nd, 3rd 4th cousin etc, as long as this male is from this lineage on his FATHER's LINE!


NOBLE, from Old French noble, from Latin nobilis (“knowable, known, well-known, famous, celebrated, high-born, of noble birth, excellent”), from noscere, gnoscere (“to know”). Replaced native Middle English athel (“noble”) (from Old English æþele) and Middle English hathel, hathelle (“noble, nobleman”) (from the merger of Old English æþele (“nobleman”) and Old English hæleþ (“hero”)).

Derived from the Latin < NOBILIS or NOBILUS  & NOBELIUS> <OPTIMA or OPTIMUS = NOBLE> Well Known.




We are seeking genetic cousins from around the world to join us in our Noble Surname International DNA Research Project, and also to all kin of the NOBLE Family - [or those with other spelling variations]  you are invited to join our Noble Surname research project. The above listed surnames are all variants of the Noble family name.

History of the Surname -Noble:

Clan- Sept of the Clan Mackintosh:

Sword & Arms Makers & Craftsmen of Clan Mackintosh.

The first recorded spelling of our family name Nobelius in Latin, was that of Peter Noble dated 1185, in the "Records of the Knights Templar of England".Various sources describe our surname as being Norman French in deep origin however this argument has never been firmly established although there certainly are a great many holders of this surname is France , Languadoc and Normandie prior to the industrial and French revolutions. It is very possible that the majority of families named Noble originated in the Netherlands (Holland) and various states and Flemish provinces in that vicinity who originally fled the area after the Netherlands were devastated by extensive flooding, especially in the southern provinces of Zealand in North in Friesland from 838 A.D.  through the 1000th century into 1212 A.D. when 60,000 victims were drowned and another 36,000 7 years later. Many Flemish & Dutch traders, artisans & all socioeconomic sections of that societies citizens were known to have fled to nearby Scotland in the aftermath of these disasters in Holland. One research project regarding Dutch Nobel families is available here: LINK

Noble families were also in East Lothian Scotland during the 1100 circa era according to Scots Kith & Kin. and Results within the Family Tree database to date contradict this Norman French derivation finding, and are also evidence that the surname Noble & variants, arose from a variety of  haplogroups  whereby many of the members tested to date did NOT have a common ancestor within the past few thousand years. All matched male members who do arise from one common ancestor have been grouped within the results spreadsheet here >


FEMALE NOBLE & MALE NOBLE MATERNAL  RESULTS tracing maternal lineage available here.

It appears from the research to date that the name arose interdependently and was arguably derived from the look or appearance and attitude of the person so designated, rather than being derived from any occupation, or place of residence of the person so designated. At the same time the name was also said to have derived from persons of high birth or office, hence the obvious connotation. The Latin form of the surname > NOBILII  and Nobelius were common during early modern historical period, and this was the form of the name entered into church registers by scribes writing in the Latin form as was typical during that historical period, however the name was arguably pronounced NO BELL, not NOBLE (swallowing the L).

Scotland: The majority of men and women with the surname NOBLE resided in Scotland  especially in and around the far north areas and mid Scottish highlands during the 1700- 1850 circa era. These areas encompassed Inverness & surrounds, Aberdeenshire , Banff and all coastal areas from Kincardineshire & to the North. Nobles  were at Ardkinglas, and various Noble lines were anciently located in Dumbarton & Lanarkshire during 1450 circa. Robert Noble of Ferme was Baillie at Dumbarton 1449 circa and the Nobilis family were well established 1190 circa in East Lothian as vassals of the Vaux family.

During the industrial revolution many of these descendant families named Noble either emigrated overseas or removed south to industrial areas and cities and from there into major centres in Scotland such as Glasgow & Edinburgh then to:

England: The Hundred Rolls mention Hugh le Noble of Bedfordshire 1270 circa however  some Noble surname holders had been in residence from the 11th-13th century in Cumberland and all counties and parishes and especially around Cambridge the University town near to the Cotswalds, as well as London Middlesex, Hereford, Wiltshire, Huntingdon, Derbyshire, Buckingham, Kent, Staffordshire, Hertfordshire & Berkshire and especially York and Yorkshire  as well as Northumberland shire and Lancashire generally, during the 1500-1660 circa period. The Nobilis family are well documented by the Vaux family in 1190-1230 circa though in East Lothian Scotland as previously mentioned.

Ireland & Ulster: The majority of Scottish Nobles who removed to Ulster, did so during the Ulster plantation period. and many of their descendants still reside in and around Belfast & Monaghan & Derry Londonderry today.   There were however, Nobles in Ireland during the 13th-14th century according to various research studies, and these Nobles appear to have resided in Eire (Ireland) in  southern counties near  Dublin and districts. During an earlier period 1100-1200 circa, Noble surname founders were also located in the East Lothian shires of Scotland and these particular families may have had common genetic roots with the Irish Noble families during that era.

The occupations of the Noble families during the industrial revolution included the great industrial era entrepreneurial shipbuilders of the line of Andrew Noble; yet the majority were merchants, farmers, seafarers, fishermen, carpenters, stonemasons and other salt of the land type occupations. Upon emigrating to Canada especially Quebec & Montreal, Australia - both Sydney & Melbourne, New Zealand especially Dunedin, North America- all states & provinces as well as South Africa where these new immigrants were often able to vastly improve their economic situations.

Eastern European Noble family members lived in many western and eastern European countries including:

France  including Normandie & Languedoc (where the name was spelled as NOBLE) ; especially Siston; Rouen Normandie; Rouen Dieppe; Castres Languedoc; Ferte Vidame Beauce Perche; Pas-de-Calais; Marseille, Montfort-​L'Amaury,​ Chartes,​ Ile De France whereby Alphonse-Baillon sieur de la Mascolterie Noble born 1610 was Lord of Valence,and La Mascotterie.

In Germany & Prussia prior, and from 1600  Noble families and Knobles lived in Saxony ; Baden ; Homberg Bayern ; Hesse-Darmstadt; Rheinland Prussia; Westfalen Prussia & elsewhere the surname was often spelled as KNOBEL and KNOEBEL or even KNABLE and KNOPLE .

Dutch: Noble in Dutch is NOBEL. Nobels and Noble were in  Brabant; Gelre; Gueldre; Utrecht; la Hague; Hull; Leiden; & states of Holland as well as Gelderland Netherlands Holland in 1630 circa; Amsterdam Noord in 1600, and at Groningen; and various Nobel houses were granted Arms in medieval times. See John Noble's research pertaining to this HERE   and HERE.

Swedish Alfred Nobel, a Lutheran from  Stockholm Sweden was a famous inventor of Dynamite b.1838 circa  and the beneficiary source of the Nobel Prizes. His father also Alfred Nobel was also an inventor of plywood & worked on torpedo technology.The family haied from Ostra Nobbel ov Kristianstad in Scania Southern Sweden during the 1600-1650 circa period.

Nobels and Nobell were in Uppsala Sweden; Blekinge; and Stockholm throughout the 1700's as well as;

Norway Brevik Telemk; Nykirken Bergen; Fredrikstad Ostfold; Domkirken Stavanger Rogaland during the 1600-1800 circa period.

In Russia the surname was Noble and also KNOBLAU however in:

Austria there were  Knöbl in Wien, Niederösterreich (Vienna), and Knoebl in Gansbach,​ Niederösterreich:

Belgium also -And  plenty of kin named Noble in St Michel  Namur  and Virton Luxembourg in Belgium throughout the 1600's

Switzerland: Bernex​ Genève; Steffisburg Bern; and Rougemont Vaud,​ as well as Canton Glarus were merely some of the residences of Swiss families by the name of Noble, Nobel and Knobel during and after the mid 1600's.

North American: Some possibly Ashkenazi from Germany whose name was anglicized to Knoebel or Nobell or similar when travelers were finally forced to take on German surnames during the mid 1700 circa era. Other Nobles were immigrants from Scotland & Ireland as well as Holland specifically to New Holland- (New York) during the 1600's. North American Nobels & Nobles settled in all States & Territories of Colonial America and later the United States.

As is well documented in historical records there were no members of society who had any form of surname at least up until the 1200 circa era. This included the nobility who were known by their title alone and indeed it was the nobility who adopted surnames much later than the majority of folk in the community for this reason alone, until 1300 -1400 circa. Noble Nobel clan arise in many different nations including Great Britain whereby the United Kingdom is certainly only one of a number of nations giving rise to nationals bearing this particular surname .  It is a goal of this research project to determine the deep ancestry of all of these Noble families and to group them into their common ancestral trees accordingly. 

Please visit the following website for an excellent overview regarding DNA testing for genealogical purposes. The Blair DNA Project is at: www. and is award winning Surname Project website. After ordering from the link above please return your kit to FTDNA.
A simple toothbrush type instrument is included in the Kit, along with an invoice. If at all possible- please provide your direct lineage back to the earliest known NOBLE or variant surname in your lineage in GEDCOM format if you are familiar with this software, or in or family group sheets excluding living persons, or otherwise in a word document attached to an email to me, or in an email alone.  For further information on our Noble surname project  see the PROJECT NEWS link above (currently updating), available from the Top-bar drop-down links- or contact myself Alexandrina Noble Murray .  Don't forget to check back regularly for up-dates to the yDNA and mtDNA results available from the Top drop-down links of this page.

Och the noo.... and happy ancestor hunting.

Alexandrina Noble Murray
Project Administrator (from 4 Oct 2012)
Noble Surname International DNA Research Project

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