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About us

The purpose of the Nickens DNA project is to help individuals find which family line they are part of and to determine the relationships among various Nickens families in the United States. Using DNA results combined with known relationships based on records, we will hopefully be able to determine how closely families are related or whether they are related at all.

The specific benefits that can be gained by participating in the project include:

1. Determine if two people with the Nickens surname are related (and descend from the same ancestor).
2. Provide clues to identify your ancestry when traditional documentary genealogical research methods have failed (help solve brick walls).
3. Identify where to focus and pursue additional traditional documentary genealogical research.
4. Verify that your traditional documentary genealogical work is accurate and scientifically verified (confirm a family tree).
5. Identify the genetic genealogy profile of your male family line.
6. Find genetic cousins you did not know you had.
7. Determine if other surnames are variants of your surname
8. Prove or disprove a research theory.
9. Your DNA will be preserved for 25 years at no additional cost and you will be entitled to reduced "add-on" prices for other tests.