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Jill Neeley
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May 19 @ 3:33pm
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Robert Neely
Tim Neely Tim Neely has a question!
May 9 @ 4:03am
I am a member of group 4. Mac an Fhilidh and have completed the 37 marker Y-DNA test. Do I understand that the next recommended test for me is the R1b-M343 Backbone even though my Haplogroup is M269? If so, I can't find that test offered on the Family Tree DNA list so how do I order it?
David Neeley
May 11 @ 12:28am
I asked a similar question based on my results in the Viking group. Stephen had me test for a very specific or terminal SNP, rather than a pack of them. I think this was possible because another member of my group had already completed the set of tests confirming this.
Tim Neely
May 11 @ 2:42pm
Thanks David. I just completed an email exchange with Stephen and we decided it would be best for me to start with the backbone SNP study with a likely follow up of some specific terminal SNP once it has been determined. Since my group is so small, I am the only one doing the follow-up studies at this point. I look forward to receiving the results and discovering how my group is connected to the others. Interesting stuff!
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April 28 @ 8:23am
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Corinna Alberigi
David Neeley David Neeley
April 17 @ 3:37am
Today I was able to export the Family Search tree going back 7 generations from me as GEDCOM data. I was then able to import that here in FTDNA. I wrote about this on my blog:
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April 11 @ 5:34pm
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Robert Neeley
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March 29 @ 3:27am
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Weldon Brooks
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March 16 @ 10:03pm
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Al McNeal
Daniel White (Neeley) Daniel White (Neeley)
October 11 @ 8:35pm
I ordered a ydna test for my brother on Christmas of 2015 in hopes that it would help us figure out who my grandfather was. We had one match at 37 markers whose last name is Neeley. On October 7th I used this match and several other autosomal matches to figure out who my grandfather was!! His given name was Bradley Gentry Neeley (he went by Gentry). He is a descendant of Jesse Neeley of Owsley County, Kentucky. My next goal is to try and figure out why there are only 3 of us in this group with E-L117 haplogroup. I have an idea, but I will have to flesh it out. Hopefully it doesn't take forever, because I am not very versed in ydna... (I think there was another NPE further back, possibly in Virginia.)
Daniel White (Neeley)
January 6 @ 11:37am
You are my 4th cousin 2x removed but I couldn't narrow down which brother your father was. W or J?
Thomas Neely
January 20 @ 9:53am
My folks are part of the Wise County, VA Neelys. Some of them still retain the extra "e". My father was John David Neely. Grandfather William David Neely. Great grandfather Frank A. Neely. Great-great grandfather David Marion Neely.
Daniel White (Neeley)
January 28 @ 8:09pm
My records show that William Elijah Neel(e)y is David Marion Neely's father. William's father is David Marion Neely (his grandson's namesake). Your David M. Neely is the brother of my 4th great gf, Joseph S. Neel(e)y. He had a son Armon General Neeley, who had a son Jesse Neeley, who had a son McKinley Neeley, who had a son Bradley Gentry Neeley, who was my dad's birth-father.
Daniel White (Neeley)
January 28 @ 8:10pm
Thank you for testing and helping me find my family.
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December 16 @ 9:24am
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Benjamin Neely