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The data presented here is classified based on the marker that identifies them. A short description of the markers follow. The details given here are taken from the National Geographic web site and Wikipedia entries on haplotypes.
M17 This marker may have been formed 15,000 years ago in the vicinity of Ukraine and spread into South Asia. Stephen Oppenheimer has an interesting theory about the origin of this marker. He indicates that this mutation could have arisen in India about 35,000 years ago and spread back into Europe, debunking the Aryan invasion theory of Max Mueller. This polymorphism is found in the highest frequencies in Eastern Europe (+40%). Currently the Nair community shows a 36% membership of this mutation.
M172 This genetic marker appeared 15,000 years ago in North Africa, Southern Europe and the Middle east. The Nair community has some admixture of this Haplotype since it has the second highest frequency at this time. It should be noted that Kerala was a Jewish settlement for the longest time and the presence of the J2 Haplotype may indicate social interaction between the two communities.
M124 There is not much data about the history of this haplogroup. This genetic marker was first displayed about 25,0000 years ago in South-Central Asia.