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Krugov (Crowgow) Viktor Krugov (Crowgow) Viktor has a question!
June 5, 2019 @ 12:48am
IHI! I read in book- Ante Aikio, An Essay on Saami Ethnolinguistic Prehistory, 2012,https://www.academia.edu/…/An_Essay_on_Saami_Ethnolinguisti .... "All three points are well justified in [1], but I do not think that the ancestors of the present Saami were the original reindeer hunters of the Fenno-Scandian North. Saami are in autosomal genes so close to Volga Finns that they must have moved to inland Finland from the Volga region later than Finns moved to the Baltic. The simplest solution is that the Lapps of Lakeland-Finland were a Volga Finnic people, who carried the Y-DNA hg. N1c-Z1934, and they were ancestors of the present ." ….............. 🐾🐾........if so, then all the data about my ancestors exactly!!! coincide with the above. ON MY BRANCH Z-1936.1934 + Who can explain in more detail and reveal with the help of a scientific instrument the origin of this branch.,? IS IT PROTOSAAMI BRANCH?
Matias Laine
June 15 @ 12:50am
F. Piller, I recommend you join N North Eurasia project also.
F. Piller
June 15 @ 12:05pm
I do not know how to join the project someone could explain to me how to join the project.
Matias Laine
June 15 @ 6:07pm
Heikki Qvist
October 30 @ 12:42am
Pre-Fennic language split to Proto-Samic and Proto-Balto-Finnic in area between Gulf of Finland and Volga region. Then there were Samic expansion all the way to Middle Finland and Finnic expansion to Southern Finland via North Baltia.
Berkant Çelik Berkant Çelik
October 29 @ 4:44am
Hi to all. This is my BiGY haplogroup. What can you tell about it?
Matti Ahola
October 29 @ 8:07am
You should probably join the N North Eurasia project. It is quite active.
Jorma-Juhani Könönen Jorma-Juhani Könönen
September 9, 2017 @ 11:24pm
Remove me from this group, ungroupped 439088.
Jorma Hietala
September 10, 2017 @ 2:57am
You can do it yourself on page Manage my projects. On the rigt side of page there are Leave Project.
Reijo Salonen Reijo Salonen
December 31, 2016 @ 2:33am
The results of BigY came just on christmas eve giving haplogroup Z5038 under Z1940, no match. But in Y67 match there is one who had tested Y111. How old is this haplogroup and where is the origin?
Erkki Weurlander
December 31, 2016 @ 4:56am
I am waiting for Z1940 ( not Z1940-> Z4770->Y5038 ) "snips". http://www.kolumbus.fi/geodun/YDNA/SNP-N-TREE-FIN.jpg
Reijo Salonen
January 2, 2017 @ 5:19am
Kiitos puuvinkistä
Gregory Nordlund Gregory Nordlund has a question!
March 8, 2016 @ 9:45pm
Hi, I've been testing now for several years, but have never learned the more technical points of what my results mean. I'm determined to fix that this year. So I have some basic questions that I hope someone can help me with. My haplogroup is currently N-CTS1737. All of the SNPs below that on the N haplotree are red/failed or black/presumed negative with no blue/available. So that means that I’ve tested as much as I can for now, right?