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Martti Korhonen Martti Korhonen
February 21 @ 6:24am
BigY-testi on tuonut haploryhmään N-CTS12908 uuden alahaploryhmän N-Y111905. Siihen kuuluu ainakin kaksi Nurmeksen Korhosta.
Martti Korhonen
Yesterday at 4:45am
BigY-testi päivittää haploryhmiä niin nopeaan tahtiin, ettei sukupuut kerkiä mukana päivittyä. Mikkelin Korhoset kuului haploryhmään N-M6733, nyt haploryhmät on N-BY28931 > N-BY22051 > N-M6733 > N-BY29035 > N-BY36561. Vain haploryhmän N-M6733 löydän sukupuusta, muut on varmaan tulossa oksaksi?
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Georg Dunkel Georg Dunkel
February 21 @ 12:47am
N-Y4706+ News: Mr. Lamborn’s BigY renewal show’s some differences comparing first results N-Y4706>Y6339+ with YFull analyze. More Details: http://www.kolumbus.fi/geodun/YDNA/big-y-novel-Y4706.xlsx http://www.kolumbus.fi/geodun/L1025-structure.jpg
Peter Romberg
February 22 @ 9:16am
Is this YFull from bam files based on the hg38 for Mr Lamborn
Andrei Shkiperov Andrei Shkiperov
February 21 @ 12:55am
Y10756, Y11597(PH2196) news BigY for kit #631029 is ready. He is Z34973+, CTS11122+ — these 2 SNPs define new subbranch. FTDNA shows 10 private novels for him
Markus Palomaa
February 21 @ 9:55am
He also shares 7813085 (C to T) and 20714243 (G to A) with HG00369. So there are 4 SNPs defining this new branch. http://finnbase15.appspot.com/img/Y10756_subgroups.png
Andrei Shkiperov
February 21 @ 1:48pm
I've seen 7813085, so I hope it will appear at ybrowse tomorrow, but I had not much time to make more thorough check, and 20714243 was missed.
Andrei Shkiperov
February 21 @ 11:12pm
As of your scheme, there is a kit tested at YSEQ, positive for Z35243 and Z35245 and negative for FGC39876. but YSEQ doesn't have primers for A17825, so this SNP was not tested.
Mats Jonsson Mats Jonsson has a question!
February 21 @ 5:49am
My Big Y result is BY31687. Kit 274237. Is there a Little twig for me in the Dunkel tree? "Mä olen niinkuin Lintunen, mi oksalla visertää..."
James Crowther James Crowther
February 20 @ 9:29pm
Y5003 news: N-SNP Pack test resulted completed for kit 772171 who is N-Z35267.
Andrei Shkiperov
February 20 @ 11:01pm
IN13099's Y67 shows he very probably Y5003 also
Per Larsson Per Larsson
February 19 @ 7:58am
Maybe I've tested too much, but then again, you sometimes run into differing results...
Peter Romberg
February 20 @ 4:14pm
Maybe you have mutated between the tests...:-)
Georg Dunkel Georg Dunkel
February 20 @ 9:43am
Lituanians M2783+ News: New BigY result of #359237/Mr.Petsyukevich is completed. The sample is L591>BY32559+/BY3262- http://www.kolumbus.fi/geodun/YDNA/M2783-structure.jpg More Details: http://www.kolumbus.fi/geodun/YDNA/BIG-Y-novel-LIT-FIN.xls
Georg Dunkel Georg Dunkel
February 20 @ 1:37am
Baltic N-Z16981+ news: New BigY result of #220739/Mr.Gilmanov is completed, (after 14 months)! Genetic path goes to Z16980>Z35238>BY27597>BY27598>Y102226+ and shares this location with #511301/Mr.Jansons. TMRCA by STR markers is 20 generations to common ancestry. Jansons and Gilmanov shares new terminal SNPs Y102226 and BY36559. Updated: http://www.kolumbus.fi/geodun/YDNA/N-Y15922-tree.jpg http://www.kolumbus.fi/geodun/YDNA/N-Z16981-tree.jpg More Details: http://www.kolumbus.fi/geodun/YDNA/big-y-z16981.xlsx
Peter Andersson
February 20 @ 6:08am
Mr Dunkel: How do I found more information about a specific branch? For example the branch N-VL62? I remember that a previous version of your N-tree mapped it to the Karelian Group. Now that seems to be gone in later versions. It would be very interersting to know more about location. Thanks