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Paavo Vuorialho Paavo Vuorialho
4 hours ago
STR-lukemilla ja Nevgen antoi tuloksen: N1a1 M46>> L1026> Z1936> Z1934>> VL62 100%, joten VL62 haploryhmää voitaneen pitää lähes varmana. Miten siitä eteenpäin, en tiedä ilman läheisiä osumia omasta suvusta. Toistaiseksi mennään näin. 545252 Matti Antinpoika Väkiparta1652-1731Räisälä, Finland
Terence Lomax Terence Lomax has a question!
July 14 @ 3:11am
How do I get a test for VL69? It doesnt come up as an option on my screen when I look to get an additional test done.
Terence Lomax
Yesterday at 3:11am
Hi Alex .... nup .... I ordered FGC13368 .... because I think there are more people with that in the data at the moment ? (higher probability?)
Jukka J. Sahlgren
Yesterday at 4:39am
Hi, Terence! I don't know the total number of persons who have tested to be N-FGC13368+. However, all those who are FGC13368+ are also FGC13378+. The persons in the other four main subclades of FGC13378/N-Z16976 ─ in addition to FGC13368/N-Y6129 ─ likewise (https://www.yfull.com/tree/N-Z16976/).
Terence Lomax
15 hours ago
silly question ... but could Ludewig be considered to be a corruption of the surname "Lukoševičius"
Terence Lomax
14 hours ago
OK ..I found Ludwig as a surname in the list "Orstfamilienbuch Memelland Familiennamenlist" on www.ortsfamilienbuecher.de
Jaak Tulp Jaak Tulp
Jaak Tulp
July 1 @ 5:27am
Hm... i match N-CTS7189 with TMRCA 900 ybp? Y132182 has 6889 novel snp´s according to yfull? I bet it´s all the snp´s found until now for that subclade. Pretty big subclade, i´d say. Y132182 age estimation 1150 ybp (from 1800 ybp)
Nils Parborg
July 1 @ 1:08pm
It´s Nice not to be alone .I have just recieved my Ziped BAM file I am now trying to figure out how to send it to Y-full. I don´t onderstan URL:s Cross your fingers From kit kit 672222
Karl Ikäheimonen
July 2 @ 12:37pm
Jaak Tulp, is your haplogroup N-CTS7189? This is my group and can you tell me what way we are relativs? Terveisiä Suomesta!
Jaak Tulp
Yesterday at 2:11pm
oh...sry for missing the question. My haplogroup is N-Y132182 and according yfull tree version 6.03 N-VL62 is the most recent common "point" for our haplogroups...so the answer is no.
Arto Huuhilo Arto Huuhilo
July 18 @ 3:41am
I got my Y-500 and YFull results some time ago. YFull proposes haplogroup N-Z19830*. FTDNA shows haplogroup N-BY61310 with one match. Is the nice tree picture of the Karelian branch still available somewhere?
Kari Siitari
July 18 @ 8:58am
Ilpo Kantonen
Yesterday at 2:37am
Kari Siitari
Yesterday at 9:50am
Arto Huuhilo Me taidetaan olla sukua Kylliäisten ja Laarien kautta Savitaipaleelta. Sakarias ? Isäni äiti oli Kylliäisiä.
Arto Huuhilo
Yesterday at 12:27pm
Kari, äidin äitini on Kylläinen. Mummoni vanhin löytämäni esi-isä on Sakari(as) Kylläinen (aikaisemmin Karhu). Muiden lähteiden mukaan Sakarin isä olisi ollut Yrjö Karhu, mutta tätä en ole pystynyt vahvistamaan. Eli etäserkkuja varmaan olemme!
O Wahlberg O Wahlberg has a question!
Yesterday at 4:13am
Hello all, any suggestions what SNP to test next? My father's kit is No.763413 (O Wahlberg) and N-M231. Greetings, AnnaW.
James B Crowther
Yesterday at 10:26am
Anna, It is very hard to say as your father's kit is set to "Group Project Access Only" that prohibits the NNE administrators from examining the data thoroughly. Recommend changing the access level to "Limited Access" or to "Full Access" that would greatly help to make the suggestions you are asking about.
Jukka J. Sahlgren Jukka J. Sahlgren has a question!
Yesterday at 9:41am
I have a couple of questions to those of you who have ordered the Big Y-500 test without having earlier STR results from separate STR tests all the way up to Y-111 and who have already received the Big Y-500 results ─ or to anyone else with information about the Big Y-500. I've read the passage about Big Y-500 in the FTDNA Learning Center. The text says among other things that "The Big Y-500 also includes your Y-111 STR results." Therefore, my first question is: ● Can you see your new Big Y-500 STR results from the first five panels combined (1─12, 13─25, 26─37, 38─67 and 68─111) also in the project charts e.g. within this project? The text about the Big Y-500 in the Learning Center also states as follows: "However, it is not a test for matching you to one or more men with the same surname in the way that our other Y-STR tests do, such as Y-37, Y-67 or Y-111." Leaving aside the part about the surnames, my second question is: ● Does this mean ─ as the text implicates ─ that the Big Y-500 STR results from the first five panels are NOT part of the actual FTDNA comparing system and environment for separate STR panel tests, i.e. that the Y-500 addition in the Big Y SNP test is therefore actually NOT part of the same continuum with other STR panel results from FTDNA when it comes to ways and possibilities of comparison but rather a separate one?
Jukka Sarkala Jukka Sarkala
July 17 @ 1:53pm
Hi Aleksey, My MtDna statistics:
Jukka Sarkala Jukka Sarkala
July 17 @ 10:16am
Dante WGS:
Aleksey Serov
July 17 @ 11:24am
Hi. Could you show statistic for MtDNA? Thank you.
Jukka Sarkala Jukka Sarkala
July 17 @ 10:15am
BigY analyze:
Andrei Shkiperov Andrei Shkiperov
July 7 @ 10:08am
N-CTS9976 drawing is updated at www.bit.do/n-cts9976
James Crowther
July 7 @ 10:23am
Andrei, Thank you for your excellent N-CTS9976-tree update!
Lars-Ola Stare
July 10 @ 12:45pm
Hejsan Andrei and thanks for the update. My place in the tree is at BY32538, and I have no matches even though there is a "ball" further out in the tree. I have a hard time understanding why there is no matches on my Big Y result when there are some close to me in your tree.
Andrei Shkiperov
July 10 @ 1:54pm
Lars-Ola, we have your match even in this project, you can see him in DNA results section, on the "Y-DNA SNP" list. Kit number 554836, he is BY32538+ also, but on the list your share same-level snip BY32539. Problem that FTDNA show more than 20 SNPs difference between you, and according to current FTDNA's safety policy, thats why he is not listed in your BigY matches section.
Kari Meriläinen
July 17 @ 9:59am
Andrei, thanks for update! BY33087