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Hannu Karppa Hannu Karppa has a question!
12 hours ago
Minulla on tehtynä Y-Dna67 ja snipsi-paketti haploryhmä N-Z5038, samasta isälinjasta tuli osuma GD-5, hänellä oli tehtynä Y-Dna67-testi jonka tulos oli haploryhmä N-M231, totesimme että perinteisen sukututkimuksen perusteella meillä on yhteinen esi-isä Olof Hyvönen s. 1728 Kaavin Siikajärvellä.
Hannu Karppa
12 hours ago
Miten meidän kannattaa edetä että voisimme hyödyntää toistemme testituloksia mahdollisimman edullisesti? Ehdotin matchilleni että hän ottaisi haplopuun oksan N-Z5038 yksittäisistä snipseistä testin jolla todettaisiin tarkempi haploryhmä, ja samalla saisimme vahvistuksen yhteisestä isälinjasta. Hänellä oli tarkoitus tehdä myöhemmin myös y-full, jos saa edullisen tarjouksen. Mutta sitä ihmettelen, että eikö GD -5 testitasolla Y-Dna67 ole liian suuri että olisimme niin läheiset sukulaiset y-linjassa (yhteinen esi-isä n. 250 v. päässä) Pitäiskö meidän GD-arvo olla pienempi kuin -5, testitasolla Y-Dna67 ?
Jukka Kylli
5 hours ago
Z5038 on edullinen valinta. Big Y (+ YFull) sitten liittää yhteisen isälinjanne tarkasti N-haplopuuhun. Minun nähdäkseni yhteisestä esi-isästä ei ole epäselvyyttä. Jos valitset projektissa Y-DNA results > Colorized, näet miten monta (värjättyä) yhteistä markkerimutaatiota teillä on. Ne ovat tapahtuneet yhteisessä isälinjassa. Tämä olettaen että tarkoitat osumalla listalla vieressä olevaa, jolla on sama esi-isätieto. Tuloksen perusteella on myös mahdollista että yhteinen esi-isä on hieman löytämäänne kauempana, mutta ei Y67 ole niin luotettava ajoitusten suhteen että GD5 sen todistaisi.
Per Larsson Per Larsson
July 17 @ 6:38am
I try to keep track of what's happening in my Y7300 branch, and ran across this mutation T10004513C (listed in Iain McDonalds "Big Tree" result for HG00342), which actually seems to be common to both A16017 and Y7297. The reads of C are all between 2 and 4, so none of them show up on FTDNAs BigY interface.
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Per Larsson
July 17 @ 2:33pm
So I believe it looks like this: Y7300 ---- Y15813 \ T10004513C ---- Y7297/Y7298 \ A16017 (Y7300* in the image above)
Andrei Shkiperov
Yesterday at 10:45am
T10004513C is A17632
Pauli Rantasalmi
19 hours ago
What is significance of the fact that YF09505 or 543842 does not have this snip?
Andrei Shkiperov
19 hours ago
Pauli, these samples don't have the position covered by the test. BigY covers big share of Y-chromosome, but not the whole thing.
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Michael Munko
July 17 @ 7:58pm
Hello my kit is #696852, and I have ordered the SNP Pack. I'm looking forward to seeing the results.
James Bruce James Bruce has a question!
July 12 @ 12:28pm
What do we know about N-Z35246? One of my closest 67-marker matches is listed as one of its members. I assume it is a subclade of N-Y5003. Do we know its TMRCA dating?
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James Bruce
July 13 @ 11:26pm
James, thanks for your help. Under the FTDNA 67-marker test, I have a genetic distance of only 2 from someone who is N-Z35246 and a genetic distance of only 3 from someone who is N-Z35267. If I understand FTDNA correctly, there is a greater than 99% (99.92% and 99.76%. respectively) probability that each of them and I share a common ancestor within the last 24 generations. However, as you note in your response, they are not even close under the 111-marker test.
James Crowther
July 14 @ 7:42am
James, Your welcome. I was faced with the same type of problem you are experiencing with the 111-STR marker matches and it is for this reason I decided on getting the Big Y test. At this point I believe your best option is to get Big Y test too, but wait till FTDNA has a sale on it.
Andrei Shkiperov
July 16 @ 3:09pm
James Bruce, you have rare value DYS510=15. You maybe positive for SNP A17604. It's new finding and not available at YSEQ so far, but you may ask Thomas Krahn to add it.
Peeter Hommik
July 17 @ 4:19am
Nice catch Andrei, seems plausible. I have a vague memory of Bruce self reporting negative results for the other downstream sub groups of Y5003, so maybe he can check for A17604 also.
Pekka Laukkanen Pekka Laukkanen
July 4 @ 1:24pm
My (#583845) BigY has arrived: N--Y17798. I've ordered the BAM-file from FTDNA, currently waiting for it. Maybe YFull is going to tell some more?
Pauli Rantasalmi
July 4 @ 2:21pm
While waiting for your Bam-file you could check how you fit with the existing kits in y5893+ with the help of Georg Dunkel's excellent excel. You can find a link somewhere in this forum. I think it was last updated about a month ago.
Jukka Kylli
July 4 @ 4:30pm
Kit re-grouped in Y-DNA Results page. The branch is Y17798 > Y17799 > Y20916. It is obviously missing one of the four SNPs that other members of the group share, which is Y21398. Y24498 has too few reads for FTDNA but YFull will give a result for it. https://www.yfull.com/tree/N-Y17798/
Pekka Laukkanen
July 5 @ 3:59am
I have checked Georg Dunkel's excellent excel and I thought that my branch could be Y77199 and maybe Y20916... I am not an expert... Thank you, Jukka! YFull next!
Mikko Kaipainen
July 13 @ 8:15am
Pekka, I´m Y17799*, the only one up there. The branch of mine seems to be a rare one :) So, waiting new matches.
Leif Persson Leif Persson
July 12 @ 4:34pm
Don't know if this has been posted before, but interesting about the south-east asian origin of our N-haplogroup.. http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0066102
Alex Chartorisky
July 12 @ 6:45pm
Hello Leif, thank you for sharing and yes there is no doubt that our ancestors had traveled long distances to get us to where we find ourselves today.
Pentti Manninen Pentti Manninen
July 12 @ 1:11pm
A common and simple question, how to continue after getting the result N-M231, kit number 673412? The aim is to find the name or relatives of an unknown grandfathers father, This is the kit admin asking.
Alex Chartorisky
July 12 @ 6:36pm
Hello and welcome to the forum, you have been put in the N1c1 - 076 Karelian Branch Z1936+ Z1935+ Z1933+ VL62? (need for N-SNP Pack or BigY) subgroup on our N-tree and as you can see a N-SNP Pack or BigY has been recommended to further the understanding of your results and possibly to find family ties.
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July 12 @ 12:51pm
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Jukka J. Sahlgren Jukka J. Sahlgren
July 9 @ 3:00pm
Today, while reading the on-line version of the Estonian newspaper "Postimees", I saw there an interesting item by and about the FTDNA Estonia Project. The short item consisted mainly of an animated video about the investigation of the Y-DNA and how it can help to shed some light on the male ancestors of the Estonian people as well as on the past of the population as a whole. The authors behind the video state, quite rightly so, that the presentation gives a simplified picture of the situation and the past developments. Nevertheless, they hope that it would encourage more people to participate in DNA testing in order to help the investigation further. Personally, I found the approach very appealing (And even funny!) and I sincerely wish that it will succeed in making more people interested in the topic in general and then also in taking a test themselves - and why wouldn't it do just that. In any case, I wish the project the very best of luck. All additional information from Estonia is more than welcome. - Edu heale algatusele ning jõudu tööle! Jätkake ikka samas vaimus edasi! Here's a link to the newspaper http://arvamus.postimees.ee/4172245/ajaloovideo-kes-on-eestlaste-esiisad PS What also brought a smile to my lips was the fact that the authors of the video had chosen to name the various N1c1/N1a1 lineages as "the sons of Kalev", and, therefore also their common male ancestor as "Kalev".