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The province of Munster has its own unique genetic history. The Munster Irish project hopes to gain insight into this heritage with regard to the early peoples who populated this largest of the Irish provinces and compare their genetic relationships as indicated by Y-DNA with the claims of early genealogical tracts and annals. PLEASE NOTE: FOR THE LADIES, we ARE NOT studying mtDNA or aDNA. If you have a male relative of an eligible surname that has tested Y-DNA and fulfils the criteria, please ask them to join us. At least three ancestral haplotypes appear to be specific to, or prevalent in Munster: Irish Type II (defined by SNP CTS4466), Irish Type III (defined by SNP L226) and a subclade we have identified as Munster I (defined by SNP L362). The surnames listed have been identified as in use in Munster in pre-Norman times in various ancient works. Some of these surnames also occur elsewhere in Ireland and/or in the British Isles, where they may be derived from different sources. The intent is to focus ONLY on the surnames of Munster origin. ANY PERSON OF ONE OF THE SURNAMES LISTED WHO TRACES HIS ORIGINS TO THE PROVINCE OF MUNSTER or belongs to one of the three aforementioned Irish clusters is welcome to join this project. This is not limited to any single haplogroup. Membership criteria are more fully explained on the Background page of the project's website. NOTE: We are only researching Y-DNA of males of the listed surnames. If your results are only autosomal DNA, you do not qualify for participation.