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Our project has begun to grow significantly and we now have test results for 23 participants, representing 9 genetically-distinct family lines. 

We have tested our first Mogford member and found that he closely matches one of the lines of Mugfords in the project. We have tested our first Mudford member of the project and found that he does not match anyone already in the project.  Some surname researchers believe that Mugford, Mudford  and Mogford all have the same geographic (locative) origins from a place in Somerset, England, that no longer exists. 

Although the project is still relative small, already some patterns have emerged.  DNA matching shows that at least some Mugfords from the Conception Bay and the Bonavista Bay areas of Newfoundland are related, and we now have genetic evidence to support family lore that Mugford ancestors of these men migrated from Devon, England.   Their branch of the haplotree is represented by the following polymorphisms (SNPs) :
R1a-M417 → Z283+ → Z284+ → L448+ → CTS4179+ → YP386+. 

For long-term research we have begun to do some special tests (111 STR markers and more specific SNPs) on selected members of the project in order to discover more about where their lines of Mugfords fits into haplogroups R1a and R1b.  

Please visit the Results page for more details about these findings.