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Haplogroup V mtDNA Project
  • If you're haplogroup V or one of it's subgroups, this is the place for you!
  • The project also welcomes testers who are HV and have marker 16298C.
  • Note that you must give project administrators Limited or Full access to get help, otherwise your results and information is hidden (and there is little point in being a member).

  • Please share your Coding Region

    If you have completed the mtFull test (FMS), please consider sharing your Coding Region results with the project administrators. The coding region results are not shown on the project page and will not be made public, and by default they are also hidden from the project administrators. The coding region results are essential for identifying your lowest level daughter group, for estimating the age of each daughter group, for identifying new daughter groups and for filling in the fine details on the V tree. 

    To share your coding region results with the project administrators:
    1. Log in with your Kit Number and password
    2. Click on your Name in the top right corner and select Account Settings (1st menu option)
    3. Click on the PROJECT PREFERENCES tab (4th tab across)
    4. Scroll down to the Coding Region Sharing section
    5. Next to Opt in to Sharing , ensure the button is set to ON to share your mtDNA coding region data

    Ancestral Info

    mtDNA is inherited strictly through the direct maternal line. To learn more about the origins of the various subclades of V, it is important that all V-members fill in their ancestral information under Plot Ancestral Location. Enter full name, approximate years of birth/death, place, county and country. If unknown, because of adoptions or other, please explain under Direct Maternal Ancestor on the Earliest Known Ancestors tab. Also note that your Direct Maternal Ancestor is the name of your mother's mother's mother etc - it is always a woman. Please also plot the location of this direct maternal ancestor on the map.

    Please fill in full birth name (or earliest known name), years of birth and death, place, county and country. Examples: 

    • Ingrid Olsd Hagen 1689-1765 Valdres OPL NO
    • Brita Andersdotter 1794-1851 Ystad (M) SE
    • Mary Donohue 1845-1899 Limerick Ireland
    • Trintje van der Toorn b 1649 Leiden Holland NL

    More information in the Background page.