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Gail Tonnesen Gail Tonnesen
January 15, 2016 @ 9:55am
This is a reminder for people who already tested the mtDNA full sequence to please share your coding region results with the project administrator. I cannot place you in the most specific subclade without access to the coding region results. The results will not be shown on the public web page and will remain private. The option to share is under the "Privacy and Sharing" tab. We have many project members with hidden coding region results. Also, please enter the name and ancestral country of origin (if known) of your most distant maternal ancestor. The maternal ancestor should be a woman, not a man. Thank you, Gail
Maria Frischenbruder
April 25 @ 6:15pm
Thank you so much Gail! My great-great-grandmother's name is Maria Celestina de Toledo, so I think it might be related to Spain itself. In the new analysis of FTdna I have 33% of Iberian. I would like to understand the meaning of the numbers (are the mutations?) Or would like to have more information about U3a1.
Cheri Howard
April 27 @ 8:27pm
Just paid to get my FMS completed! Gail, I will update you as soon as I see any results. ☺ I'm in the U3b group for now.
Ayda Boyatzian
May 2 @ 5:17pm
Hi Gail, I just shared my coding region. Can you help place me in a subclade?
Gail Tonnesen
May 3 @ 9:55pm
Hi Ayda - thanks, and I sent you an email with more details on your results.
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June 17 @ 4:20pm
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Judith Bolan Anne Martine FORMO
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June 8 @ 8:57pm
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Dave Jurriaans Howard Carson
Howard Carson
June 11 @ 4:43am
Hello. FTDNA has my haplogroup as U3a1b. This project has it as U3C* Group 3. Why the difference and what does that really mean?
May 30 @ 2:53pm
May 30 @ 2:54pm
I am interested in joining. I received an email from a fellow match
Gail Tonnesen
May 31 @ 10:01pm
Hi Joanne - thanks for joining the U3 project. If you share your mtDNA coding region results with the U3 project admin (check the Privacy & Sharing tab), I'll be able to compare your results with your close matches in the project and identify a new subclade of U3b2.
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May 30 @ 10:56pm
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Cheryl Goldstein JOANNE HART
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May 25 @ 3:36pm
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Melissa Guensler Sharif Faghihi
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May 16 @ 3:37pm
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Ionel Oprisan Cheryl Allred Richard Frank
Margaret Goodison Margaret Goodison
May 9 @ 5:23pm
I would like to encourage everyone to update your "My Profile" settings to include the information for your most distant maternal ancestor (place of birth, name, date of birth/death) to the extent you are able. Even if your most distant relative is as close as your mother, or even yourself, this level of information helps everyone participating in the U3 project. Thank you.
Maria Frischenbruder Maria Frischenbruder
April 14 @ 6:15pm
Hello ! I did the full sequence and my result is U3a1. I saw that I was classified in a group where there is this recommendation: Predicted from 16390, need FMS test to confirm and identify subclade. What does it mean ?
Gail Tonnesen
May 4 @ 10:57pm
Hi Maria - people who test the HVR region go into the "predicted" group, and after they upgrade to the full sequence, I move them to a more a specific subclade.
Sondra Goad Sondra Goad has a question!
May 4 @ 6:06pm
I tried to join the JubbieGenealogy group but was denied..I thought I saw my Dad's side..Perkins..(grandparents:John Perkins and Judith Gator.(Salem Mass in 1600's).both from England But guess I just discussed my maternal Side..I also have paternal side from Wales..But cannot reply to Paul Jubbie...re the denial it seems.. My Dad was tested with your site. Pass this on, please
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April 18 @ 10:07am
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M. Ulrich