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About us


If you have tested as mtDNA Haplogroup R at familyTreeDNA, we'd like to invite you to join the  R Haplogroup project! Because you tested at FTDNA, all you need to do is:

Go to your results page (you'll need your kit# & passcode)
Click on the JOIN button in the upper left
Scroll down to mt Haplogroup projects, and click on R
Be sure to hit the JOIN button!

It's easy and it's free and it's a good place to see the results of other R people. As we learn more about R, this project may be broken down into subclade projects (ie, R0, R1, R5) which you may want to join as they become available, but for right now, this will be a gathering place for the collection & study of all R Haplotypes...

Please be sure you have indicated your earliest known maternal ancestor (your MOTHER's MOTHER's MOTHER...as far back as you know) -- this should be entered by clicking the "Plot Ancestral Locations" in the menu on the left of your member page. Her place of origin should include city, state/province, and country. The "Contact Information" page has a place to indicate her country of origin.

If you have not done so already, may we also suggest that you join any appropriate geographic project as well (use the JOIN procedure above). If you do not find her country of origin, try the larger geographical are (an example would be the Indian subcontinent project which would, of course, include Pakistan, etc. The Benelux projectt includes for Belgium, Netherlands & Luxembourg. Though there are projects for Denmark, Norway, and "Swedish", you may also want to include your self in the Scandinavian mtDNA project...)

If you have tested Y-DNA, again, be sure to join your Haplogroup, Geographic and Surname projects...

We hope to see you in the R project soon!

Cyndi & Jennifer
Volunteer admins for R mtDNA Haplogroup Project