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Updated 27 January 2023

Whilst researching my own mtDNA Full Sequence, I came across this gem.

You will find it at  https://www.familytreedna.com/mtDNA-Haplogroup-Mutations.aspx

HaplogroupRequired Mutations
HV T14766C 
HV0 T72C, T16298C 
HV0a C15904T 
HV0a1 C10196T, T16126C 
HV0a1a A200G, T3200C, G16346c 
HV0b C198T 
HV0c T6413C 
HV0d G15110A 
HV0e T10609C, T15454C, T16311C! 
HV0f C72T!, A8706G 
HV0g T4047C, G15172A, G16129A! 
HV10 C13449T 
HV11 A6040G 
HV11a A9000G, A10283G 
HV12 G13889A 
HV12a A16220c, C16292T 
HV12a1 T152C!, A3892G, T4254C, A14344G, T16243C, T16342C 
HV12b C150T, A15682G 
HV12b1 T16356C 
HV12b1a A337G, C594T, T13572C, G14569A 
HV13 T16357C 
HV13a (T72C), A8774G, C9027T, G10143A, A11101G, T12879C, T16311C! 
HV13b T3290C 
HV14 T480C, T15115C 
HV14a G4655A 
HV15 G5746A, C16234T 
HV16 A12492t 
HV17 A3397G, C16111T 
HV17a C549T 
HV18 G9039A, T16189C! 
HV19 T4823C, C16260T, A16399G 
HV20 A13866G 
HV21 C16169T 
HV22 T146C!, C4997T, A16038G 
HV23 G9548A 
HV24 C1601T 
HV4 T7094C 
HV4a C16221T 
HV4a1 C13680T 
HV4a1a T9950C 
HV4a1a1 T152C!, T7645C, T11365C 
HV4a1a2 A73G!, A7843G 
HV4a1a3 A12972G 
HV4a1a4 T4452C 
HV4a2 G7805A, G16129A! 
HV4a2a T16221C!, C16287T, T16311C! 
HV4a2b A11671G 
HV4b C1715T, C16069T 
HV4c G2758A!, G3834A, C10356T 
HV5 A13105G! 
HV5a C12133T 
HV5b C150T, A15766G 
HV6 G6755A, T16172C 
HV6a C3507T, G8545A, G9266A, A16113c 
HV7 G5471A, G14560A, C16278T! 
HV8 C16354T 
HV9 G8994A 
HV9a T131C 
HV9a1 A5480G, C11257T 
HV9a1a G930A 
HV9b T16249C 
HV9c T6248C, C16311T!! 
NoLabel T152C! 
NoLabel T16311C! 
NoLabel C16291T 
NoLabel A73G! 
NoLabel T195C!