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About us

This project is open to MORRIS family lines with various spellings of the surname Maurice, Moris, Morres, Morress, Morrice, Morris, and Morriss. MORRIS families are welcome to join by genealogy DNA testing. For males at least the FTDNA male 37 Y-DNA test is recommended for the Morris DNA project. The Family Finder autosomal DNA test by FTDNA is available and we welcome males and females who have Morris ancestors to join your autosomal tests with our Morris Project study. We are using the Family Finder test in this project to make connections. 1. NOTE: To participate in this Morris project members will agree and change their Privacy and Sharing settings on their DNA kit for Administrators to view their matches in Preferences section: to “Limited Access” or “Advanced Access” in order to group charts. 2. Agree to change their settings in Privacy section: to Sharing with other matches in the FTDNA database "Opt In To Sharing. We welcome, My Heritage & 23 and me transfers. Thank you very much. Janet Burks Morris DNA project Adm.