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Les Shroyer Les Shroyer
August 31 @ 7:37pm
Lewis Oliver Garnet and a Lewis Garner line I'm NC
Les Shroyer Les Shroyer
August 31 @ 7:34pm
I am related to the James and Lewis P
Marion  Williams Marion Williams
August 6 @ 8:55am
David Cagle David Cagle
September 13, 2018 @ 2:56pm
Leonhard Cagle came to this country form Germany in 1732. With him was a son David Cagle born in 1728. They first settled in Pennsylvania where Leonhard died CA 1754 and then David moved to North Carolina. By 1755, David and his family were living on the upper reaches of Deep River and in 1764 obtained land in Cumberland (now Moore) Co., NC. Before 1768, David moved to Rowan Co., NC then in 1779 to Mecklenburg Co., NC, that part that became Cabarrus in 1792. David Cagle, 1728-1784, apparently lived in Moore Co., NC between 1764 and 1768. His brothers, John, Henry, Charles and Leonard also had land in Moore County and some of their descendants still live there to this day. David Cagle’s son and grandson, Henry Cagle, Sr., 1761-1838, and Henry Cagle, Jr., 1780-1857, came to Hardin County, TN about 1830 where I sit writing this today. There were 4 generations between Henry, Jr. and me and I was born in 1940.
Ken Burress
March 16 @ 1:53pm
I am descended from Perry County, Tennessee's, Elizabeth Cagle daughter of Robert Cagle, and on back to Leonard. I live in Wayne County, Tennessee.
Robert Barrett
March 25 @ 7:16pm
Thanks David - I appreciate your posting. According to my records, the Cagle's married into my Barrett line in Moore County in the 1700s. Christopher Columbus Cagle married my 4th great grandfather's sister, Mary Ann Barrett, b. 1759. They married in Moore County in November 1787 later moving to Sevier, Tennessee. Christopher Columbus Cagle was the son of Heinrich "Henry" Cagle who was the son of Leonhard/Leonhart Kegel b.1684 in Sembach, Kaiserslautern, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.
Martin Moore
August 4 @ 9:56pm
Ken Burress . We have the Burress Family Reunion this August 18th in Haywood County, NC Are you part of the William Wesley/ Henry Hoy Burress family ?
all Richardson all Richardson
August 1 @ 3:38pm
Hello Can anyone be able to tell me, Thos/Thomas Richardson b.1835/39 1st seen in 1870 census in Ritters, Moore cty, North Carolina lived closed to Noah Richardson that was married to Elizabeth Cheek Richardson b. 1802. Would someone know if This Noah had children by an enslaved person that would be the Mother of Thos/Thomas Richardson. I would appreciate any information. Thos/Thomas Richardson was born in N.C. It said his parents were also. I would love to come to some conclusion. They lived in the area all their lives. I have an updated test on AncestryDNA. My brother JAL and myself lin hunt. Any infor to prove or even disprove would highly be accepted. Also can I upload my Brother's new dna test on this site. Thanx in advance. Lin
Patricia (for son) Moore Patricia (for son) Moore
July 12 @ 4:29pm
I recently upgraded my son's DNA in Familytreedna. He descends from Joseph G Moore and Sarah Dowd of Moore Co., NC. I believe he is also connected to the Barrett family who later married into our line in Arizona in 1919. Would like information on the early Dowd family. I recently purchased "The Families of Northern Moore Co." There is a wealth of information (facts). Thank you for all your efforts Mr. Jackson.
Sierra Miller Sierra Miller
June 26 @ 3:02am
Hello, Recently discovered my Caddell line and wondering if anyone had any information or stories. My grandfather Was James Caddell descendant of the James listed here. Parson Caddell was my 6 x great grandfather.
Morgan Jackson
July 2 @ 10:25am
Thanks Sierra - I have a lot of information on James and his descendants at
Morgan Jackson
July 2 @ 10:25am
Love to know how you descend - thanks
Shelia Cannon Guagliano Shelia Cannon Guagliano
March 5 @ 4:29pm
Hello all. My ancestor connections to Moore County are through Bean and Fincannon family lines I am a descendant of Richard Bean(Bain/Bayne) and John "Peter" Fincannon/Voncanon/Vuncanon. My brother's Y test is on the site as is mine. Would love to find some new family.
Earl Cagle
March 11 @ 11:14pm
Hello Shelia, I am your new family. On my maternal side I am descended from Peter Fincannon whose father was Isaac whose father was William (the Tory). Peter and his brother Silas came to Gilmer Co. Ga. and married Davis sisters.
Earl Cagle
March 11 @ 11:17pm
Shelia, not enough room allotted, e-mail me at ecagle1@bellsouth. net. Best wishes, Earl Cagle
Mark Gilliland Mark Gilliland
March 11 @ 7:35pm
I am glad I found this group. I am the 2nd great-granddaughter of Martha Morning Naylor born 1 February, 1840 in Moore County NC. I am also the 4th great-granddaughter of Hiram Melton born 12 May, 1809 in Moore County NC. There may be more, many of these families migrated to McNairy County TN before the Civil War.
Bradley Chriscoe Bradley Chriscoe
March 8 @ 4:04am
Hello to all. I recently joined this group with the goal of forming a better understanding of who my ancestors were, how they were connected, and the role of DNA in establishing those connections. I have numerous well established roots in the Moore County area. Some of my family lines are the Chriscoe, Brown, Sanders, Maness, Dunn, Owens, Brower, Williamson, and Dunn and all the accompanying various spellings of each. I have performed the Family Finder, Y-67, and full mitochondrial testing at Family Tree. If you have any questions for me or thoughts you would like to share please feel free to do so. Good luck to all.
Mark MONROE, #635203
March 8 @ 8:14am
For the male line, I would (and have) completed the Big-Y to get your full SNP line and get placed on the Big Tree. It told me a lot. Also, when posting a question or comment, placing your FTDNA sample # helps others wishing to assist you.
Bradley Chriscoe
March 8 @ 11:00pm
Thank you for the advice. I will check on that. My FTDNA sample # is 893147