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Moore County, NC

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Audrey Mislan Audrey Mislan has a question!
June 16 @ 4:41am
Is any one related to Lanier John Brewer, Jr. Born 1746 VA Died1824 Moore Co., NC. Thanks for the help. ”
John William Brewer
August 5 @ 8:54am
My g, g, g, g grandfather was Lanier Brewer, not sure about the John. He was living in Moore county and I would be happy to discuss his family with you. His sons migrated to Lawrence and Wayne Counties TN
Rodrick Wagoner Rodrick Wagoner has a question!
August 2 @ 9:04pm
I've a question about the Deaton family. I have a an ancestor by the name of Rhoda or Rhody Deaton DOB about Jan 1832 who appears to have migrated from NC to Cherokee Co Texas. I'm searching for a connection to learn more about this ancestor. She's listed as Mulatto on Texas census records but my DNA matches suggest a Scottish connection. Any suggestions are welcomed.
Rodrick Wagoner
August 3 @ 8:00am
Or our connection could be Sanders
Brenda Hall
August 3 @ 4:57pm
Roderick when I looked at your family tree, I also saw where your Matthew Thompson 1895-1968 that married to Dennison Wallace 1898-1952... You might also have a Wallace connection from Moore County NC.
Garry Brewer Garry Brewer
January 25, 2018 @ 11:13am
Hi All
Sandra Loridans
January 31, 2019 @ 5:21pm
Should have said "Thomas Paine Chapter, NSDAR, Mexico. I'll be on lookout for your BREWERs as I search for Campbells, Muse, and McKinnons.
Earl Cagle
July 23 @ 9:18pm
Garry, I apologize for not responding to your request. A good portion of the past two years have been occupied with SAR, serving as President of the Capt. John Collins Chapter in Marietta, GA. It appears we have a great deal to be thankful for as descendants of Patriots. Our meetings are via Zoom, which is doing a good job for us. We have Zoom State meeting scheduled for Sat. July 25th. Keep in touch and stay safe. Earl Cagle, Sr.
Garry Brewer
July 25 @ 3:47pm
Thanks Earl, small world indeed, my wife Barbara Schmidt, on her mother line was James Monroe Kirk from Marietta, GA. Barbara Kirk line was James Monroe Kirk, father John Kirk,Jr, father John Kirk, Sr War of 1812, Lewis Kirk, Revolutionary War, North Carolina. Barbara joined the D.A.R. Mount Garfield Chapter on her Kirk line. John Kirk Sr and his wife died in 1864 when Sherman came through there, Their grandson James Monroe Kirk and wife Lucinda Duke moved after the war to Arkansas.
Garry Brewer
July 25 @ 3:49pm
The son of James Monroe Kirk and Lucinda Barbara is off of was Robert Franklin Kirk to Vivian Kirk to Barbara.
Kimberly Spangrude Kimberly Spangrude
March 25, 2016 @ 11:07pm
I share ancestors with several people in this group: Cagles and Campbell. How can I reach the other members?
Erika Idler
April 24, 2016 @ 5:19pm
Hi there, which Cagle are you related to?
David Cagle
September 17, 2018 @ 2:39pm
Kimberly, I posted a message a few days ago that shows my Cagle connection to Moore County. See at the top. I am descended form David Cagle, 1728-1784, who had land in Cumberland, now Moore, from 1764 until 1768. David had four brothers, John, Henry, Charles and Leonard who also lived in Moore County. My email address is or you can respond here if you wish.
David Cagle
October 9, 2018 @ 10:36am
Kimberly, I receive a message from you elsewhere showing you ancestors Henry and Joseph Cagle. Can you give me their birth-dates and where they lived? Thanks, David Cagle
Earl Cagle
July 23 @ 8:54pm
My Cagle line starts with Leonhardt (German immigrant), his son Henry (my Patriot ancestor), his son Peter who came to GA from NC just before the Civil War. Peter's wife was Rachel Boling, whom I am trying to trace. Rachel's father is possibly Benjamin Boling. They were married in NC. Any information would be appreciated.
Troy Knight Troy Knight
February 25 @ 5:39pm
Looking for information on the Maness line from Scotland
Morgan Jackson
March 2 @ 1:16pm
Troy - Love to know how you connect with the Maness family. There are a large number of men that have been tested that likely descend from William Maness Sr. [d. 1787 Moore County, NC]. Many Maness researchers have contended that William Sr. was born in Scotland but to date we have not uncovered solid proof. The Maness DNA project has a great analysis of the Y-DNA results at
Troy Knight
May 15 @ 3:59pm
This is the first relative that I show coming from Scotland: William Jacob Maness Sr. B:1715 Catrine, Ayrshire, Scotland D:1787 Moore, North Carolina, USA
Troy Knight
July 22 @ 1:47pm
My mother was Lilly Ozelle Maness
Robert  Carter Robert Carter
February 26, 2019 @ 1:11pm
Bob Carter - 691561 (posted by friend - Anne Evans 329437) Anne's email - Note - trying to verify various Carter lines with NC/VA connections. Thanks for your help! FYI - North Carolina researchers Genealogy Roundtable: Two-part seminar led by DNA expert is scheduled The MARC is honored to host Robert S. Lockett, Jr. to conduct a two-part discussion on DNA. The first session, “DNA and Genealogy: The Basics,” will be held on Saturday, March 2. Lockett will define DNA and examine its properties that are used for determining family relationships. Part two, “DNA and Genealogy: Beyond the Basics,” is scheduled for Saturday, April 27. This presentation will explore commercial DNA testing and how users can interpret the results. Both programs begin at 2:00 p.m. Lockett returned to his native Virginia following retirement as an engineer with Texas Instruments. He is a past president of the Wythe County Genealogical Society, and his DNA presentations are highly regarded across Virginia and North Carolina. Rockingham County Historical Society Museum & Archives 1086 NC Hwy 65, Reidsville, NC 27320 P.O. Box 84, Wentworth, NC 27375 336-634-4949
Theodora nee Maxwell Johnson
June 25 @ 6:09am
I have missed this information. Will there be other opportunities?
Earl Cagle Earl Cagle
January 15, 2018 @ 10:10pm
Sandra Loridans
January 31, 2019 @ 4:18pm
Andrew Brewer, We share the Morris line?
Debbie Woo
February 5, 2019 @ 9:21pm
Thanks for the info about the ship Sultana. One of my greats (uncle) was on it. My line of Thompson, Myers, Long were also mounted infantry TN 6th !!
Hillery Crame Blankenship
April 16 @ 9:26am
I’m from Finger, Tennessee. Finger is in McNairy & parts of Chester Co. I live on the Chester County side, my family grew up in McNairy
Mark Gilliland
June 7 @ 7:58pm
I am descended from Mary Cagle-Melton (1767-1840) Moore County. Her son, William "Hiram", migrated to McNairy County Tennessee.
Hillery Crame Blankenship Hillery Crame Blankenship
April 16 @ 9:51am
My mother was a Maness. Her father was a Maness and her mother was a Moore. I live in Finger, Tennessee (is part of Mcnairy County/Chester County). I live on the Chester County, side but our families grew up in McNairy & some later moved to Chester side. It’s basically all really the same where we live. I can be in downtown Finger in a few minutes. Our Manesses come from Moore, NC. I’m not sure if our Moore’s did, but they come from North Carolina. My Grandfather’s line goes: His father Robert Lee Maness, William Martin Maness I do know my grandfather called William by Bill, William Jahew Maness, Shadrack Staton Maness. Shadrack was from Moore County.
Hillery Crame Blankenship
April 16 @ 9:54am
I posted a picture of my tree, but it didn’t show up on my post.
Timothy Hoskins Timothy Hoskins
March 1 @ 3:24am
Hi all from Australia. Just joined. I'm related to the Morgan family, not sure how exactly, but hopefully I'll work that someday.
Morgan Jackson
March 2 @ 1:01pm
Thanks for joining. Based on and initial review your Y-DNA match it looks like your common male ancestor may be several hundreds ago. Likely outside of the genealogical timeframe. I'll keep reviewing and let you know if I can narrow down the window. Thanks again - Morgan
Leland Blake Leland Blake
December 20 @ 6:11am
I just joined this project. I am looking for any information regarding the Dunn line descending from Richard Dunn (founder of Dunn Creek Quaker Meeting). Most interested in the branch including John Wesley Dunn (b. abt. 1830) > s. Russell Wesley Dunn (b. 1849). Thanks,