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Kimberly Spangrude Kimberly Spangrude
March 25, 2016 @ 11:07pm
I share ancestors with several people in this group: Cagles and Campbell. How can I reach the other members?
Erika Idler
April 24, 2016 @ 5:19pm
Hi there, which Cagle are you related to?
David Cagle
September 17 @ 2:39pm
Kimberly, I posted a message a few days ago that shows my Cagle connection to Moore County. See at the top. I am descended form David Cagle, 1728-1784, who had land in Cumberland, now Moore, from 1764 until 1768. David had four brothers, John, Henry, Charles and Leonard who also lived in Moore County. My email address is or you can respond here if you wish.
David Cagle
October 9 @ 10:36am
Kimberly, I receive a message from you elsewhere showing you ancestors Henry and Joseph Cagle. Can you give me their birth-dates and where they lived? Thanks, David Cagle
Andrew Brewer Andrew Brewer
September 18 @ 7:36pm
Joseph Brewer II 1816–1899 BIRTH 2 FEB 1816 • Moore County, North Carolina, United States of America DEATH 25 JAN 1899 • Myrtle, Oregon, Missouri, United States 2nd cousin 5x removed
David Cagle David Cagle
September 13 @ 2:56pm
Leonhard Cagle came to this country form Germany in 1732. With him was a son David Cagle born in 1728. They first settled in Pennsylvania where Leonhard died CA 1754 and then David moved to North Carolina. By 1755, David and his family were living on the upper reaches of Deep River and in 1764 obtained land in Cumberland (now Moore) Co., NC. Before 1768, David moved to Rowan Co., NC then in 1779 to Mecklenburg Co., NC, that part that became Cabarrus in 1792. David Cagle, 1728-1784, apparently lived in Moore Co., NC between 1764 and 1768. His brothers, John, Henry, Charles and Leonard also had land in Moore County and some of their descendants still live there to this day. David Cagle’s son and grandson, Henry Cagle, Sr., 1761-1838, and Henry Cagle, Jr., 1780-1857, came to Hardin County, TN about 1830 where I sit writing this today. There were 4 generations between Henry, Jr. and me and I was born in 1940.
James Cordell James Cordell
April 4 @ 10:08am
Due to my extremely close Y111 match to members of both William Maness & Amos Maness lines, I now believe that there was a Maness child that, for whatever reason, was raised as a Caudle. I believe very strongly that Amos Maness (husband of Mary Margaret Caudle) fathered a child, and that child was named Jackson Caudle - my great great great grandfather. I invite and encourage anyone who understands DNA better than me to disprove my theory.
James Cordell
April 4 @ 11:36am
Yes, I'm B122524. Hmmm.
James Cordell
April 4 @ 11:39am
I'm thinking Big Y is on my horizon :)
Mark Monroe, #635203
April 4 @ 12:09pm
James, by nailing down my terminal SNP, I have been able to isolate matches from 500YBP - 1000YBP. This helped with my placement within the Clan Munro Project groups. I have learned that clans are made up of several genetically unrelated families. I may have a Scottish surname but my genetics point to Lietrim, Ireland area. My root tribe may have been O'Rourke, O'Reilly, or O'Brien and could have been changed to Monroe so the family would fall under the clan's protection. This was common up until a couple of hundred years ago. My brick wall was my ancestor from Ireland and my DNA matches that. Verbally handed down through the generations had me being Scottish from the Scottish Clan Munro. It appears my surname originated from a Non-Paternal Event which I have learned through research to be quite common. By testing with the Big Y, I have isolated my true genetic relatives from the assumed ones. I have been in touch with several Monroe's I genetically match yet I never knew before genetic testing. We found we share the same brick wall. My two closest genetic matches are not even Monroes and we have yet to connect our common ancestor. I joined this project so I could monitor my results with the other Monroes that may not be part of the Clan Munro Project.
James Cordell
September 8 @ 9:26am
My BigY results are in, and my Y haplogroup is R-BY32729. Can someone help me prove I'm a direct descendent of Amos Maness as a result? Thanks. Sorry, this is completely foreign to me. :)
Earl Cagle Earl Cagle
January 15 @ 10:10pm
Garry Brewer
February 23 @ 5:12pm
Oh, Joseph Cockman Jr was also living in Wayne County, Tennessee, along with his sisters Mary, Margaret and Sarah Cockman,who had married the three Brewer boys, Wiley, Henry M. and Soloman Brewer.
Garry Brewer
February 23 @ 5:15pm
Oh, forgot to add this, My Richard M.J.Brewer parents were George W. Brewer who married Elizabeth Wilson. The Wilson family later on went to Arkansas from Wayne County, Tennessee
David Cagle
September 5 @ 2:47pm
I am descended from David Cagle, 1728-1784, brother of Henry Cagle that you guys are claiming. I also had a g/g/uncle and a g/g/grandfather (if I have the right person) in the 2nd mounted stationed at Clifton. I also had three g/g/grandfathers that fought for the other side in the 1st Confederate Cav. I might add that David Cagle, 1728-1784, owned land in Cumberland (now Moore Co., NC) as early as 1764.
David Cagle
September 5 @ 3:00pm
BRENDA LAURENCE, do you have any information of a Charles Cagle who bought and sold the same tract of land in McNairy Co., TN ca 1837-38? Thanks
Garry Brewer Garry Brewer
May 10 @ 3:44pm
photo of obit of Joseph Brewer, son of Soloman Brewer and Sarah Cockman as per a family tree on
Garry Brewer Garry Brewer
February 28 @ 7:45pm
This is the earliest existing County Court loose papers for Wayne County, Tennessee. The number, such as "B1" at the beginning of the case below, indicates the case folder number which can be found in Office of the County History in the Wayne County Courthouse in Waynesboro, Tennessee. These records have been microfilmed by the Tennessee State Library and Archives in Nashville, Tennessee and can be purchased from them. A set of the microfilm is available for viewing at the Wayne County Public Library in Waynesboro, Tennessee. B1 no date. Land Plots Plot of the lands of James R. RUSSELL (No. 822 for 120 acres) and V. BIFFLE (No. 394 for 64 acres). D1 Lot DANIEL Admr. -vs- King BREWER etal. 2 September 1866. Petition to Sell Land. Letters of Administration were granted Lot DANIEL for the estate of Solomon BREWER who died in 186_ leaving Sarah BREWER, his widow, and the following children: King BREWER who resides in the State of Missouri; Margaret who intermarried with Joseph BREWER and both reside in the State of Arkansas; James BREWER who resides in the State of Arkansas; Mary WALLICE who intermarried with Joseph WALLICE and both reside in the State of Missouri; Nancy who intermarried with William CANTRELL, the said Nancy is dead leaving minor children: Sarah, John, Margaret and one unknown name, residence of William CANTRELL and children unknown; Catherine who intermarried with Lot DANIEL the said Catherine is dead leaving the following children: Elizabeth, Malinda, James K.P., Maleatha, Louisa, William, Sarah, Norcissa, Solomon and Angeline who are minors except the said Elizabeth and Malinda and all reside in Wayne County, Tennessee. Solomon BREWER owned a tract of land on Holly Creek in Wayne County Civil District No. 12 amounting in all to 1172 acres and that there is but one farm on the same it being mostly hill lands. The petitioner thinks it could not be divided amongst those entitled without materially impairing the value of the same. The sheriff of Lewis County was commanded to summon: Elisabeth, Malinda, James K.P., Maliatha, Louiza, William, Sarah, Narrissa, Solomon and Angaline DANIEL to appear before the Justices at the Court house in Waynesboro. The Guardian adlitem of the minor DANIEL children was John H. COLE. Non-resident notice was advertised in the "Columbia Herald" a newspaper published at Columbia, Maury County, Tennessee. The land was sold on 7 January 1867 to A.J. BREWER and Sol BREWER at the price of $15,020.00 with their notes in equal payments due in one and two years with J.H. BREWER and John R. BREWER as their Securities. A.J. BREWER paid the final payment for the lands and directed the title of the land to be made to James HOLLIS.
Henry (jack) Lawson Henry (jack) Lawson has a question!
February 25 @ 10:39am
I joined today, how can I post my dna results to the Maness group? I believe I descend from Seth Manis son of William Maness. Thanks, Jack Lawson
Mark Monroe, #635203
February 25 @ 11:05am
I posted the same question yesterday for my line and group placement. Jack, would you have a living relative by the name of Judy Lawson? I know this is a long shot question but I have never been able to contact her. My pedigree family tree matches her tree on the Monroe branch.
Michael McAllister
February 25 @ 12:19pm
I also have a Dr Mary G Lawson in my autosomal matches who from the segment where we match is also likely a Maness descendant.
Henry (jack) Lawson
February 25 @ 3:19pm
I have a Judy Lawson that lived in Hancock Co., TN, but I haven't been in contact with her in years. She and I are descended from John Lawson born 1830 in Hawkins co., TN, our Manis connection is thru John or his father{ probably Emanuel Lawson}, to a son of Seth Manis s/o William Maness from Moore Co. Dr Mary Lawson isn't familiar to me, but the Manis's and Lawson's in Hawkins intermarried.
Mark Monroe, #635203 Mark Monroe, #635203
February 24 @ 7:47pm
Regarding the DNA Results, does anyone know if I will eventually be moved from the "ungrouped" area to group "Monroe?"
Garry Brewer Garry Brewer has a question!
February 24 @ 12:47pm
My Big Y DNA is posted, if you would like to post it this that's ok. Garry Wayne Brewer kit 26565. Keep up he good work.