H2a2b and Subclades

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About us

Welcome to the H2a2b and Subclades Mitochondrial DNA Project. This group was organized for genealogists who are related through their maternal deep ancestry. The H2a2b Project encourages you to join if you have the following mutations, 16235G and 16291T in your HVR1 results. It includes anyone in Haplogroup H who has St. Luke's Motif. There has been discussion that St. Luke could have had an HV designation instead, so those who are HV (pre-H with 7028T) who also have 16235G + 16291T are encouraged to join as well. To date there have not been any modern-day individuals who are in this category. Everyone that we know (numbering in the hundreds) has been designated at least H2a2b as defined by the 16235G + 16291T markers. Those who have 16291T without the 16235G may join as long as they are assigned the H2a2b subclade. We are using the current tree at PhyloTree.org.