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To view the Y-DNA results chart, follow the link on the left, "Y-DNA Results." The test results are listed on a chart with each participant's identification number and a sequence of numbers representing each spot on the DNA itself that was tested.

Discussion of the matches between different participants that we've found so far:

Haplogroup E

Matches have not provided pedigrees.

Haplogroup I

**Haplogroup I, Lineage Group 1

The kits in this grouping match each other very closely genetically.  They have not found their link to each other genealogically speaking.  The earliest patriarch identified is James Mitchell b. ca. 1745 VA m. Agatha Dalton.

Kit 134632

Archibald Mitchell 

    Elisha Mitchell b. 1810 m. Eleanor Gregory 1832 d. 1891

        William Lindsay Mitchell b. 1837 m. Sarah Bondurant 1857 d. 1862

           William Lindsay Mitchell Jr. b. 1862 Franklin Co. VA m. Susan Bell McGhee 1884 d. 1943


Kit 139859

William Thomas Mitchell b. 1869 London, KY m. 1) Elizabeth Dunaway 2) Margaret Zora House d. 1954


Kit 122248

William Mitchell b. ca. 1798 VA m. 1821 Rachel Thompson d. Lawrence Co. IN

    Richard Mitchell b. 1829 m. Phoebe Dyer 1851 Brown Co. IN

        John Mitchell b. 1854 Monroe Co. IN m. Sarah Todd 1875

            Clarence Mitchell b. 1877 Monroe Co. IN m. Mary Taylor 1897 Daviess Co. IN


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Kit 87220

William Mitchell b. 1768

    William Mitchell B. 1797

        G. W. L. Mitchell b. 1825

            James M. Mitchell B. 1861


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Kit 706

Nimrod Mitchell b. 1743 Edgcomb Co. SC m. Mary Elizabeth Ann Penn 1766 Granville Co. NC d. 1790 Lauren Co. SC  *this generation is unsubstantiated 

    Nimrod Mitchell b. 1779 Laurens Co. SC m. Lucy Ann Reeves d. 1837 Abbeville Co. SC

        Albert Washington Mitchell b. 1810 d. 1881 Attala Co. MS m. Susan Ann Cone

        Charles Robert Mitchell b. 1840 Henry Co. GA m. Permelia Ann Elizabeth Britt d. 1895 Sunflower Co., MS 

                Archie Clay Mitchell b. 1877 d. 1948 Carroll Co. MS m. Lillian Farmer


Contact: j_mitchell at


Kit 65811

Enoch Mitchell b. ca. 1804 Abbeville District, SC m. Mahaly 

    Dabner P. J. Mitchell b. 1849 Cobb Co. GA m. Margaret Beatty d. 1931 Morgan Co. AL

        Linton S. Mitchell b. 1880 GA m. Florence


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**Hap. I, Lineage Group 2

Kit 108498

Jabez Gilead Mitchell b. 1805 Overton Co TN m. Eliza Jane Wiley d. 1875 White Co TN

                Henry Howard Mitchell b. 1853 White Co TN m. Laura Ellen Kelly d. 1932 Denver Co CO

                    Floyd Kelly Mitchell b. 1883 Roane Co TN m. Hattie Lulu Chadbourne d. 1976 Claremont, CA

Kit 87942

Henry Mitchell b. 1789 County Down Ireland m. Elizabeth Hoover 1813 Belmont Co. OH d. 1865

    Joseph M. Mitchell b. 1814 m. Lydia Pickering 1841 d. 1893

        John C. Mitchell b. 1848 m. Susan Jane Jennings 1868 Washington Co. PA d. 1920 Hancock Co. OH

            James Charlesworth Mitchell b. 1877 m. Gretchen Mable Simon 1906 d. 1945 Hancock Co. OH

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Kit 132713

Robert Mitchell d. 1782 Caswell Co. NC

    Arthur M. Mitchell b. 1743 VA m. Elizabeth Linn 1764 York Co. PA d. 1798 SC

        Spencer Sterling Mitchell Sr. b. 1775 Orange Co. NC m. Rachel Roberts 1796 Person Co. NC d. 1849 White Co. TN

            Barnett King Mitchell b. 1807 White Co. TN m. Mary M. Parker 1845 d. 1867 White Co. TN

                Arthur Linn Mitchell b. 1849 Sparta, TN m. Louvenia Russell 1875 d. 1917 Sparta, TN

                    Waymon Mansfield Mitchell b. 1882 Fancher Mills, TN m. Florence Steakley 1911 d. 1949 Sparta, TN

Kit 129777

James Mitchell b. 1767 Westmoreland Co. PA m. Nancy Campbell ca. 1790 VA? d. 1846 Monroe Co. IN

    John M. Mitchell b. 1809 Harrison Co. KY m. Mahalia Mathers 1842 Monroe Co. IN d. 1896 Monroe Co. IN

        William F. Mitchell b. 1844 Monroe Co. IN m. Emilia Williams 1872 Lawrence Co. IN d. 1913 Lawrence Co. IN

            Ray S. Mitchell b. 1876 Lawrence Co. IN m. Leva York Reuter 1902 Lawrence Co. IN d. 1970 Lawrence Co. IN

**Haplogroup I, Lineage Group 3

The kits in this group have not found the link in their genealogy to one another.  All were in Georgia around 1790-1800. Could that be a link between them?  

Kit 82082

John Mitchell b. 1793 GA m. Mary Polly Edwards

    Jesse Mitchell b. 1828 Rutherford Co. TN m. Martha Anne Latta d. ca. 1912 Crawford Co. AR

        John Thomas Mitchell b. 1851 Maury Co. TN m. Elmira Dearing d. 1931 Crawford Co. AR

            Sidney Voaid Mitchell b. 1886 m. Flora Mattie McKee d. 1960 Los Angeles, CA

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Kit 162704

Thomas Mitchell b. 1757 Franklin Co. NC? d. 1853 Lawrence Co. TN

        Thomas H. Mitchell b. 1802 GA d. 1887 Lawrence Co. TN

                Henry Guston Mitchell b. 1886 Lawrence Co. TN d. 1940 Lawrence Co. TN

                        Arthur Houston Mitchell b. 1893 Waynesborro, TN d. 1965 Fresno, CA

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Kit 86190

Thomas Landreth Mitchell b. 1793 GA m. Sarah Kennedy d. MS

    James M. Mitchell b. 1835 Choctaw Co. MS m. Martha Winfree d. 1863

        Elijah Thomas Mitchell b. 1857 m. Mary Jane Land d. 1908

            Albert Nathan Mitchell b. 1884 TX m. Martha A. Pendergrast d. 1929 AR

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Haplogroup I - Mitchell DNA project

**Hap. I, Lineage Group 4

Kit 138242

Samuel Mitchell b. ca. 1678 m. Ann unknown, Marblehead, MA? d. ca. 1761 Londonderry, NH

        George Mitchell b. ca 1705 m. Sarah Taylor 1737 d. 1755

                John Mitchell b. ca 1738 Portsmouth, NH,  M Lydia Johnson 1767 d. 1816 Bridgewater, NH

                        Robert Mitchell b 1777 m. Abigail Morse d. 1823

                                Robert Mitchell b. 1800 Brookline, MA m. Elizabeth Kendrick d. ca. 1870 Plymouth, NH

                                    Robert W. Mitchell b. 1831 Brookline, MA m. Hattie Batchelder 1856

                                        Edson Ruez Mitchell b. 1858 Plymouth, NH m. Laura Eliza Brown d. 1924 Seattle, WA

                                            Harry Ruez Mitchell b. 1884 Plymouth, NH m. Georgia V. Nickle d. 1953 Bremerton, WA

Kit 9433

Samuel Mitchell b. ca. 1678 m. Ann unknown, Marblehead, MA? d. ca. 1761 Londonderry, NH

    Samuel Mitchell b. ca. 1722 m. Janet Morrison d. 1798 Peterborough, NH

            John Mitchell b. 1749 Londonderry, NH m. Bathsheba Wells d. ca. 1810 St. Albans, VT

                    John Mitchell b. 1784 Peterborough, NH m. Abigail Crissey d. 1861 Stockton, NY

                            Harlow Mitchell b. 1820 Stockton, NY m. Olive Kidder d. 1916 Busti, NY

                                    Frank Wells Mitchell b. 1867 Busti, NY m. Velma Adele Carpenter d. 1961 San Luis Obispo, CA

                                            Donald Harlow Mitchell b. 1894 Jamestown, NY m. Sherleigh Tingwall Anderson d. 1988 Indio, CA

Kit 172197

Gavin Mitchell b. 1700 Glascow Lancarkshire, Scotland m. Margaret Elizabeth Campbell d. 1760 Philadelphia, PA

    John Mitchell b. 1716 Lancaster Co. PA m. Cynthia Lillias Morton d. 1760 near Schuykill River, PA

            Samuel Mitchell b. 1750 Lancaster Co. PA m. Elizabeth Snoddy d. 1815 Preble Co. OH

                        Martin Luther Mitchell b. 1788 KY m. Martha "Patsy" D. Clark

                                John Wesley Mitchell  b. 1825 OH m. Mary W. Woods d. 1867 Davis City, IA

                                        Martin Luther Mitchell b. 1860 IA m. Mary Frances Cleveland d. 1926 Woods Co. OK

                                        Charles Kenneth Mitchell b. 1891 IA m. Nellie Lee Brown d. 1940 San Francisco, CA

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Kit N6891

Clinton Mitchell b. 1840 OH m. Fannie Sanders d. 1904 Poweshiek Co. IA

        John Irving Mitchell b. 1869 NE m. Alsey Alice Darland d. 1929 West Haven, CT

                Carroll Glen Mitchell b. 1894 IA m. Reynalda Arellanes Cameron d. 1967 Clearlake Oaks, CA

Kit 116681

William Albert Mitchell b. ca. 1760 m. Elizabeth Bates 

        Hugh C. Mitchell b. 1784 Rutherford  Co. N.C. m. 1) Rebecca Gold 2) Sarah Holland m. 1815 Lincoln Co. TN d. 1859 Dekalb Co. AL

                Humphrey Bates Mitchell b. 1805 KY m. Kezziah Bynum

                        Hugh C. Mitchell b. 1839 Dekalb Co. AL m. 1) Sarah Frazier 2) Sarah Paralee Patterson d. Dekalb Co. AL

                                William John Mitchell b. 1864 Dekalb Co., AL m. 1) Emilie Alice Privett 2) Callie Elizabeth Haynes d. 1950 AL

                                        Hugh Frazier Mitchell b. 1887 d. 1922

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Kit 87591

Moses Mitchell b. 1790 Bourbon Co. KY m. Isabella Robinson 1836 Miami Co. OH d. 1860 Iowa Co. IA

    Robert R. Mitchell b. 1841 m. Elizabeth Webster 1868 Boone Co. IA d. 1912

        William Robinson Mitchell b. 1880 m. Maude Rhine1908 Pittsburg Co. OK d. 1953

            Wilford Rhine Mitchell  b. 1907 Pittsburg Co, OK m. Nanthlea E. Schlosser  d. 1961 Tulsa, OK

Ancestry DNA match (MX-1)

David Mitchell b. 1770 KY? m. Rosanna Porter d. 1846 Decatur Co. IN

    David Cunningham Mitchell b. 1804 Fayette Co. KY m. 1844 Sarah Lorena Glover d. 1855 Decatur Co. IN

        John Franklin Mitchell b. 1847 Decatur Co. IN m. Sarah J. Kelly 1875 Maries Co. MO d. 1922 Dixon, MO

            William Henry Mitchell b. 1881 Dixon, MO m. Cora Crawford d. 1978 LaSalle Co. IL

Contact: mikemitchell72 AT

**Hap. I, Lineage Group 5

Earliest ancestor, Joseph Theodore Mitchell b. 1859 Crawford Co. PA.

**Hap. I, Lineage Group 6

Kit 136089

John Mitchell d. ca. 1830 Co. Derry, Ireland

        Seamus James Robert Mitchell b. bef. 1830 Colerain, Co. Derry, IRE d. Gallatin Co. IL

            Robert John Mitchell b. Gallatin Co. IL

                    Daniel Ferguson Mitchell b. IL d. St. Louis, MO


Kit 166603

John Mitchell b. Lanarkshire, SCO d. 1890 Stamford, ONT, CAN

    Hugh Mitchell b. 1844 Stamford, ONT d. 1926

            John "Jack" Henderson Mitchell b. 1877 Stamford, ONT d. 1955 St. Catherines, ONT   

Haplogroup J

**Hap. J, Lineage Group 1


Kit 1615

Archer R. Mitchell b. abt 1793 New Kent Co. VA m. Mary unknown d. 1853 New Kent Co. VA

    George W. Mitchell b. 1823 New Kent Co. VA  m. Mary A. Richardson d.1870 New Kent Co. VA

            William Sanford Mitchell b. 1853 New Kent Co. VA m. Annie Elizabeth Morris d. 1913 Norfolk, VA                


Kit 133904

Benjamin Mitchell m. Ann Holland 1756 Goochland Co. VA

    David Mitchell b. 1767 m Elizabeth Cosby 1782 Goochland Co. VA

        William Mitchell b. 1786 m. Mary Magdaline Lemay 1807 Goochland Co. VA d. 1866 Bradley Co. TN

            William Dorsey Mitchell b. 1813 Goochland Co. VA m. Mary Elizabeth Ragan ca. 1846 d. 1899 Bradley Co. TN

                Joseph William Mitchell b. 1849 Bradley Co. TN m. Mary Louise Horner 1870 d. 1942 Barry Co. MO

                    Robert Wylie Mitchell b. 1878 Barry Co. MO m. Minnie Lee Parker 1907 d. 1956 Clay Co. TX

Haplogroup K

No matches yet.

Haplogroup R1 and R1a

The matches in this group have not provided pedigrees.

Haplogroup R1b

* Group 1 earliest ancestor, William Mitchell b. ca.1748 VA d. 1819 Franklin Co. GA

This group all trace back to a single common ancestor, so now their task is to move further back in their research to learn William Mitchell's origins, and of course, to encourage others to test in hopes of finding more matches and more clues.

* Group 2 earliest ancestor, Amelia Co. VA 1780s

This group of matches has some good indication based on their results that two of their early ancestors may have been brothers or cousins: James Mitchell b. ca. 1772 Amelia Co. (his decendents went to Prince Edward Co. VA) and John Mitchell 1783 Amelia Co. (his descendents went to Montgomery Co. VA). More research is needed into this connection. The other match is in Union Co. SC.

* Group 3 earliest ancestor, John Mitchell, b. ca. 1699 m. Rebecca Ackley d. ca. 1767 Colchester, CT. Both members of this group trace back to the same man. They are hoping to move back even further and find a match in early New England or in Great Britain.

* Group 3.5 earliest ancestor unknown. One match traces back to William Allen Mitchell b. ca. 1836 VA d. Fayette Co. PA; while the other goes back to Jonathan C. Mitchell b. 1821 TN d. 1884 Newton Co. MO. One of the lineages is complicated by a potential name change or other irregularity. More traditional genealogical research is needed, both to extend the individual pedigrees back further, and also to identify where the DNA connection takes place.

* Group 4 earliest ancestor, John Mitchell b ca. 1738 d. 1767 Lancaster, PA. The other match was from a Daniel Mitchell b. ca. 1781 Bedford Co. VA. These matches have not located their common link.

* Group 5 earliest ancestor, Capt. William Mitchell of Chichester, Sussex, England d. 1658 prob. Anne Arundel Co. MD. Others in this group of matches go back to Warren Co. KY, Edcomb Co. SC, and Wilkes Co. NC but don't know exactly how they connect up to Capt. William Mitchell. Testing male Mitchells who go back to Sussex, England would be a good next step for this group.

* Group 7 earliest ancestor, Isaac Mitchell b. ca. 1717-1727 m. Sarah Elizabeth Hickman d. 1778-1783 VA. Son, Isaac Jr. lived in Northumberland Co. VA, before moving to Logan Co. KY and Mason Co. IL . Both members of this group trace back to Isaac. More matches are hoped for so that this group can go forward.

* Group 8 earliest ancestor, Henry Mitchell, early 1700s, Surry and Sussex Cos. VA. Possible earlier ancestor, Matthew Mitchell b. 1590 Halifax, England. More testing is needed to prove this. This group has many members who need to test beyond 12 or 25 markers to prove their relationship, as they share a very common haplotype.

* Group 10 earliest ancestor, Thomas Mitchell b. ca. 1783 VA d. aft. 1850 Greene Co. TN. Two of this group trace back to Thomas Mitchell of Greene Co. TN. Another match goes to Hiram Mitchell (b. TN, lived Bibb Co. AL, Sabine Parish, LA) and the other goes to John Q. Mitchell, b. NC, lived AR. Both of these probably connect to Thomas Mitchell's family earlier in VA. More research is needed.

* Group 11 earliest ancestor, Ransom Mitchell b. 1771 GA d. 1847 AL

* Group 12 earliest ancestor, Experience Mitchell b. 1609 London, England, fl. 1623 Plymouth, MA d. ca. 1689 Duxbury, MA. The other matches in this group go to a Calvary Mitchell in Providence, RI and a Noah Mitchell in North Gwillimbury, York, Ontario. More research needs to be done to connect these lines. Also, male Mitchells in England are needed to test against to confirm the line in England.

* Group 15 earliest ancestor, John Mitchell b. 1750 Ireland d. Chatham Co. NC. The other match is also found in North Carolina, William Mitchell b. ca. 1770 md. in 1790 in Franklin or Nash Co. NC d. Wilson Co. TN. These 3 North Carolina counties are located in close proximity so these kits may have a good chance of making their connection to one another in NC with more research. Another avenue of research to explore is to find Irish Mitchells to test in hopes of finding a hometown in Ireland for John Mitchell above.

* Group 19 earliest ancestor, William Mitchell b. ca. 1737 VA? d. 1795 Caswell Co. NC. The other match goes to a Frederick Mitchell b. ca. 1808 Prince Edward Co. VA d. Union Co. OR. Research is ongoing in Prince Edward County and elsewhere trying to find Frederick's parents and a connection to William Mitchell.

* Group 20 earliest ancestor, Thomas L. Mitchell b. 1805 NC md. Elizabeth Roberts.

* Group 21 earliest ancestor, Rev. Morris Mitchell b. 1762 Montgomery Co. MD d. Polk Co. MO. As both persons in this group descend from the same person, they need to recruit others to join our group, and continue to push back the line to Europe!

Haplogroup T

No matches yet.