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About us

The Milley Males Y-DNA Project is a surname project which seeks to find the common heritage through sharing of genealogical information and Y-DNA testing. All who are interested in working together to find their common heritage through sharing of information and dna testing are welcome to join. We are seeking an answer to some of those unanswered questions that have hindered our genealogical research for years. All male Milleys are highly encouraged to participate in the project by having a Y-DNA test. Female Milley descendants should encourage their male Milley relatives (those who carry the Milley surname) to also partipate. DNA testing is not a substitute for genealogy research, but rather it is a companion tool to prove or disprove research, determine relationships and to provide us with clues for further research. It can be an extremely powerful tool when combined with a well-research paper trail. It can uncover information that was not previously known, confirm your research, and provide leads to investigate further.