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About us

Every adult male with the surname of Miller is invited to participate (yes, all 1,054,488 of you).

In 2002 Cody Miller of Sugar Creek Twp, Allen County, Ohio and Gary Miller both matched on 12 markers. That confirmed their common link to William Miller (1784 Pennsylvania - 1857 Allen County, Ohio). That success inspired me to try and find other connections. The Miller surname project began with just 2 participants.

We currently have 800+ Miller's tested and participating in the project. Most trace their ancestry back to Western Europe and in the U.S. to Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina, Maryland and Delaware. Though many other states and countries are represented.

Most participants have found valuable matches that yield information about their family line that would not be possible by following the usual paper trails. As more results come online through partnerships with the National Geographic Genographics Society and via this surname group, more matches and meaningful information will be available.

The more Miller's who test the more likely that connections will be made!

Special Thanks to Bill Willis for his proprietary program that grouped most of the Miller subgroups in our STR Chart.