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About us

Welcome to the Messina Sicily DNA Project.

My name is Vince Palozzi, and I am the new administrator for the Messina Sicily DNA Project.

Given that most Italian families have resided in the same general areas of Sicily for generations the Messina DNA Project is designed to help researchers determine who whithin this geographical area is related. Therefore, for this project tests both males and females. The surnames of anyone every living in the Messina Province are welcomed and as the surnames are known, they will be added to the list. Please consider volunteering to test.

If you are the spouse of an Sicilian whose ancestors reside or once resided in the Province of Messina, please assist us in locating possible candidates to test. Each of you who cannot test could also consider contributing financially to those who can.

I recommend that anyone wishing to test to consider a 37 marker fo♠r men and the HVR1 and HVR2 for women as this provides a more accurate match. The full mtDNA test for women is now available and is the equivalent of the 37 marker Y-DNA test. In order to find DNA matches, a tester needs to allow his DNA to be available to the public. If you select to have your results made public, please post your Y-DNA results to and your mtDNA results to http://www.mitosearch.or to find matches with other testing companies.

I have started a Messina Province email list that disseminates information on the lineages being tested and on various DNA topics as they relate to genealogy. You do not have to be a volunteer for testing to be a part of the Messina DNA email list. If you would like to be included in this e-list, go to and join. You will received announcements here. Check the FILES and LINKS pages there for more information on Italy.

The success of this website will depend upon contributions of other researchers both with participation in the DNA Project and in providing source documentation and family records to assist everyone in understanding the lineage of the various DNA groups posted to this site.

As our group grows, there will be a need to revamp this website to assist its members. Send your ideas for this website, as well as any lineage you would like posted to the group email list, directly to me. In the least, post the ancestors with dates, locations, and spouses of your ancestors if you have tested. We do wish to respect everyone's privacy, so please to not post any dates and locations for living persons to be added to this site nor to the email list.  It is also imperative that we post genealogical data that has good documentation to minimize errors. If you share data that is speculative, please clearly state so.

Again, welcome to the group. I hope you enjoy your visit and that you will be the one to provide that missing link we all need!

If you have question, email me at: