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About us

The object of this project is to assist Roark researchers in busting through the brick walls in their Roark line. Plus, the exchanging of paper research once there are exact DNA matches.

We welcome any male Roark to join our study and take the DNA test. The link to join our group and purchase a test kit is on the left side of this page. Here are the costs of the tests:

* 12-marker test--$99
* 25-marker test--$124
* 37-marker test--$149
* 67-marker test--$248

We highly recommend that you order a 25-marker or 37-marker test. But if you order the 12-marker test, you can always upgrade later on. The cost to upgrade from a 12-marker test to a 25-marker test is $49. From a 12-marker test to a 37-marker test, it is $99. So it costs a little more to upgrade, than if you purchase the 25-marker or 37-marker test now.

When you order your DNA test, Family Tree DNA sends you a test kit through the mail. The test itself is simple and painless...just the swabbing of the inside cheeks of the mouth. The swabbing picks up loose skin cells which has the DNA to be tested. Then you mail the test kit back to Family Tree DNA. It is as simple as that.

Please e-mail the administrator at the address above if you have any questions.