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Meagher, Magher, Maher, Mahar, Marr
  • 157 members

About us

The basic purpose of this project is to aid in establishing (1) connections between related families and (2) connections with ancestral locations in Ireland. Results for additional participants obviously would help, although interesting trends are already evident for our current Y-DNA participants. As time goes by, and new tests become available, an additional aspiration is to compare and contrast the trends for our group with the trends for Irish ancestry as a whole, and for other subgroups.  Hopefully this information will aid current and future participants in making decisions about which new tests to take.

Some of our Y-DNA participants have taken the mtDNA test out of curiosity, well aware that their maternal ancestor was from a different country, or even from a different continent. Others have joined our project only for the mtDNA test, presumably because their maternal line traces back to the Meagher ancestral location in Ireland. The mtDNA results for all of our project members are available under the tab above. Understand that there will be large differences in the results, as well as possibly some similarities.