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We welcome and encourage participation in this Project by all descendants of MacIver, regardless of name spelling or pronunciation. The McIver Clan has a very interesting history dating back to the 12th century. In the 1700’s when many McIver’s emigrated from Scotland to America, the language they spoke was Gaelic. McIver in Gaelic is spelled MacIomhair. “Mac” means “son of” and “Iomhair” is the Gaelic name that resulted in the English version, “Iver.” Thus, the name means “son of Iver.” Today in Scotland, the “son of” prefix is still written as “Mac,” while Americans generally use the shorter form, “Mc.” In earlier years, it was frequently written simply as M+apostrophe, as in M’Iver. Until 1828 when the first Webster’s dictionary was published, it was acceptable to spell words and names as they sounded, leading to many variations of spellings, even among relatives. Among the MacIver derivations are MacIvor, McIver, Iverach, and Ure. Spelling variations we have seen are McKeever, McEver, McEevor, McIvor. The Danish and Norwegian version is Iverson, and the Swedish version is Ivarsson or Iwarsson.