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McGee, McGehee, McGhee, Magee --
The name M'Ghie is said to have it's first recorded use as MacEthe in Dumfries, Scotland in 1296. The common American surnames of McGee, McGhee, and Magee share this root. These names (and other variants) are all treated as the same for the purposes of this project.

In the early seventeenth century the 'Plantation of Ulster' by the English and Scots was begun and a number of MacGhee's settled Ireland during that time. Starting in the early eighteenth century and continuing sporadically until the start of the American Revolution, large numbers of these Scotch-Irish or Ulster-Scots emigrated to America. The ancestors of many present day McGee's set foot on American soil during that period and more arrived during the mid nineteenth century as they fled the Irish Potato Famine.

The McGee Surname DNA project seeks to identify the lines of the present day McGee's and, together with genealogy research, determine how they relate to one another.

DNA results will be posted on McGee Y-DNA Results